Vol. 14, No. 08 – Jan 13 – Jan 26, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


7:37pm, dispatched to an overdose in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/VPD/AMR with the patient who suffers from multiple aliments but at this time only having an argument with her children.


12:15pm, dispatched to a cardiac arrest in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and found the patient deceased and beyond resuscitation.

5:33pm, received a report of an injured squirrel near the Harbor Town point. Officers were able to capture the animal and turn over to rescue volunteers.


.3:30pm, dispatched to a fire alarm in the Harbor Storage facility. Officers responded and found an active fire in a few units, updating dispatch. Multiple agencies responded and were able to put out the fire and minimize damage.


4:21pm, dispatched to a water rescue, kite surfer in distress near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Rescue B-19 along with multiple other agencies. The victim was found as reported and assisted to the shore, no injuries reported.


2:25pm, received multi reports of a damaged dock in the keys. Officers responded, found the dock as reported. Relayed dock repair companies contact info. Harbor Patrol is not equipped to repair, construct or give advice on repairs.


12:15pm, received mayday call, small vessel disabled near the #4 buoy. Officers responded in Rescue B-19 and towed the vessel to the launch ramp.





9:30am, observed a life-sized blow-up doll adrift in the at the entrance to the keys. Officers responded, pulled the life-like doll onboard and disposed of it.


10:00am, Due to the COVID-19 stay at home order, the General Manager has decided to close the Port District, Operations offices. Please call or email if you need to drop off payments or anything from the Port District till further notice.

7:15pm, received report of suspicious persons, skateboarders in the VHV boatyard prowling around a large yacht. Officers responded, found the juveniles as reported. The group removed from the yard, issued warnings for trespassing.


7:09am, dispatched to smoke seen near Spinnaker/Harbor. Officers responded and found a transient with a warming fire just off the road. Convinced the individual to extinguish the fire and to refrain from igniting fires in the future.


11:38am, dispatched to a unconscious person in the VHV, near 1583 sector. Officers responded and assist VFD/AMR with a 103 y/o male who fainted and was confused what happened. The patient was transported to local hospital.

3:30pm, while on patrol in Rescue B-19, officers observed a kayaker near the end of the Ventura Pier displaying the international sign of distress (waving both arms) and investigated. The individual was exhausted and afraid to attempt heading to shore due to the large waves (10-12ft). The victim was taken aboard and to the harbor, transported to his vehicle near the pier. No injuries occurred.


11:04am, received a report of a seiner skiff operating more than 5mph in the mid area of the harbor. Officers responded but were unable to locate the operator

1:42pm, received a report of an injured sea bird near 1591 Spinnaker. Officers responded and were able to catch the bird and transferred to rescue volunteers.

5:03pm, received complaint of two children riding scooters in and out of Harbor Cove onto Spinnaker w/o supervision. Officers responded, found the pair, then found the parents and advised of the danger of both their actions.


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