It’s a family affair! Three generations at the Pierpont Racquet Club

“My biggest dream was to play tennis with my daughter.”

It all started with a mother’s desire that she and her daughter could some day play and compete in tennis matches together. PRC member Danyiel Callahan and daughter Katie Diaz are both avid tennis players!

Mom Danyiel, played tennis as a young girl and played on Rio Mesa High School’s team. Daughter Katie played high school team tennis as well.

While raising her family, Danyiel was the Tennis Director at Cabrillo Racquet Club until 2002, and her kids enjoyed growing up playing junior tennis.

Danyiel reflects back to those days “My biggest dream was to play tennis with my daughter.” So, it wasn’t long before Danyiel and Katie started playing as a doubles team in adult league tennis.

However, it was during a match in a Mother – Daughter Tournament that Danyiel tore her ACL, which led to many months of rehab.  She was determined to get back on the courts and play.

That’s when Danyiel and husband Will decided to join the Pierpont Racquet Club.
“The Pierpont Racquet Club was the place I wanted to play tennis and call my new tennis home…and I’m so glad I did!” Danyiel says. Continuing her desire to play with her daughter and spend time with her grandkids, Danyiel invited daughter Katie to play tennis at the Club.
Katie was hooked on Pierpont Racquet Club!
Then came Katie’s husband Chris, who was determined to try his athletic skills at Pickleball…and the rest is still making history! The whole family is now at the Pierpont Racquet Club playing Tennis, Pickleball and swimming, and also taking advantage of the fitness amenities offered to keep members healthy and fit for life!

There’s more than Tennis and Pickleball enthusiasm in this family!
Dad Chris loves to work out with the weights to maintain strength and agility when he’s not on the Pickleball courts. Danyiel also loves to take the PRC’s Pilates classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays with instructor Anne, to keep her core strong and her body in shape for tennis and Pickleball, and to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Since becoming members of the Club, Katie and Chris are enjoying Pickleball together and playing round robin Pickleball matches with Club members, including mom!

The Diaz’s three girls are also enjoying tennis lessons at the Club, and developing their tennis skills.
Katie remembers growing up with tennis – “I grew up in a tennis club…I loved that from my childhood, and I want my kids to have the same experience I had!”

Danyiel and Katie adamantly agree, “Tennis & Pickleball are sports for a lifetime…that can be played at any level and all ages, with the whole family!”

For information about membership and amenities at the Pierpont Racquet Club, located at 500 Sanjon Road in Ventura, call 805-648-5161, or visit

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