Opinions from residents of Ventura regarding the upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine

by Carol Leish

Tina Bolton said that she and her husband, Butch, who are both age 73, will be getting the upcoming vaccine. Tina is a retired assistant to an occupation therapist who worked in the pediatric and neonatal unit of a local hospital, for 10 years. Butch worked locally in the metal fabrication business.

According to, Tina Bolton, “Butch and I are concerned with our underlying health issues, especially since I’m a breast cancer survivor. We are both encouraged to take it since the COVID-19 Vaccine is 94% effective. The flu vaccine is only 60% effective. And, with money and various organizations that have helped to accelerate the production of the vaccine, we both realize that it is safe to take.”

Patrick Pothier, age 65, said that he and his wife, June, age 64, said that, “We will be getting the vaccine, once it has gone through FDA approval, and has become officially approved.” Patrick is a hypnotherapist. June is a counselor at Vista del Mar Hospital.

According to, Patrick Pothier, “It’s important for both me and my wife to be getting it since we both have compromised immune systems. I’m diabetic, and June is a breast cancer survivor. We understand that it’s coming out this month (December, 2020). June will be getting it first, as a first responder. I’ll be looking forward to it when I will be getting the chance to take it.”

Julia and her husband, Omar Dominguez, who are 36 years old and 47 years old respectively, said that she and her family (Dylan, 10, and, Marlin, 12), will not be getting the vaccine. Julia is a massage therapist. Omar is a Class A Driver.

Julia said that both she and her husband feel that her and her family don’t have the need to get the vaccine. She said, “There is an over a 99% survivor rate of recovery. Thus, I don’t feel like it is necessary for us since our family is young all have strong immune systems. And, it’s my hope that it won’t become a requirement to take it, since health choices are personal. We’re also speculative of the safety of the vaccine because it’s been rushed compared to other vaccines.”

2021 will be a year of many different choices and decisions regarding perspectives on health. May everyone continue to stay healthy.

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