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Question: I’ve noticed bright yellow lights on the front of the police motorcycles. What are the for?
Carl Kennedy

Answer from the Ventura Police Department:

The lights that may be perceived as “new” have actually been on our VPD motorcycles for over two years now. The vehicle code requires they be a white or yellow spectrum light only. There were some studies done by NHTSA several years ago on “Motorcycle Conspicuity and The Effect of Auxiliary Forward Lighting”. The lights and their position gives an illusion that the motorcycle is a larger vehicle and more visible on the roadway. The yellow filter that is placed over what is otherwise a white light, makes them even more noticeable and safer.

“I can tell you firsthand that they have made a significant difference in the ability for other motorists to recognize us on the motorcycles,” said Motor Officer David Curtis. “I have personally experienced a huge decrease in the amount of vehicles pulling out in front of me or cutting me off. I am putting a set on my personal motorcycle and recommend anyone who does ride a motorcycle to strongly consider doing the same.”

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