Vol. 14, No. 03 – Nov 4 – Nov 17, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Monday 10-12

8:45am, patrol officers briefing with Ventura City and County firefighters going through USLA lifeguard training at the Port District. Ventura Harbor Patrol Officers are trained as USLA rescue swimmers also & assisted with training.
Wed 10-14 7:15pm, while on patrol in Rescue B-17, officers contacted several vessels in violation of local ordinance and federal law. Two vessels voyage were terminated for multiple discrepancies and neither had running lights.

Friday 10-16

4:26pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue at Ventura Point. Officers responded in Rescue B-17 and found 3 surfers who paddled out to lobster trap buoys 300 yards offshore. No injuries or distress, just curious surfers looking at the buoys.

Saturday 10-17

7:21am, dispatched to an investigation for smoke in the RiverBottom. Officers responded and observed smoke South of Spinnaker Dr. A small warming fire was found and extinguished approximately 60 yards into the river bottom.

1:40pm, while on patrol in Rescue B-17, officers observed 4 victims caught in a rip current near San Pedro ln. A rescue swimmer was deployed assisting State Parks with the rescue. All victims were safely returned to the beach.

Monday 10-19

4:55pm, while on patrol in vehicle, observed a female in a golf cart near the launch ramp. She appeared upset. Offered to tow the golf cart to her unit.

Wednes 10-21

5:25pm, received a report of kayakers harassing sealions at VHV E-dock. Officers responded & found the perpetrators. Warnings were issued for violation

Thursday 10-22

10:36pm, received report of suspicious person pushing a shopping cart in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VPD, found the suspect who claimed he was selling Christmas lights. He was removed from community

Friday 10-23

5:45pm, received a report of an aggressive transient near the timeshare harassing people. Officers responded and found the individual. He was removed from the property and advised of the violations.

Saturday 10-24

8:00am, Harbor Patrol and Marine Safety Officers participating in Marine Firefighting class at the Port District. Officers practiced donning / duffing their turnouts, SCBA’s(breathing apparatus) and strategies putting out boat fires.

10:55am, received a report of dogs off leash near Santa Clara Rivermouth. Officers responded and located several dogs off leash. All violators were advised of the bird sanctuary and State Law prohibiting dogs in the area.

Sunday 10-25

3:30pm, while on patrol officers took beach hazard assessment: 1-2ft Northwest swell, NW wind 15 kts and choppy conditions. Very small crowd on harbor beaches. This is the first time in awhile conditions and crowds have declined.

7:15pm, while on patrol in Rescue B-17, officers contacted several vessels engaged in hoop netting near the breakwall. Warnings for multiple violations, mainly illegally placed nets issued to kayakers, small skiffs & larger vessels.

Monday 10-26

4:00am, officers contacted a transient with a surfboard near HC. The individual stated it had a “free” sign on it. The boards appearance gave credit to his story.

11:30am, observing strong NorthEast winds throughout the harbor.

4:30pm, dispatched to a vegetation fire near the Santa Clara Bridge. Officers responded with VFD to the call. Officers moved some looky-lou’s from area.

6:41pm, dispatched to unconscious person at local hotel. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to the call. The 48 year old was transported for low B/P.


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