Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County (BBSVC) is celebrating 50 years of service through youth mentoring in 2020! The organization serves all of Ventura County and because of that there are nearly 100 youth waiting for a mentor. BBSVC is asking the community to imagine the impact they can make as a friend and role model.

Even now during the COVID-19 shelter-at-home restrictions, BBSVC is still making and supporting matches virtually. With so many youth feeling isolated at home, now is the perfect time for positive role models to come forward. When a “Big” is matched with a mentee, it’s not about changing their schedule, it’s about sharing who they are; But mentors usually find that their life – and the life of their “Little” – is also changed for the better along the way.

BBSVC is looking for volunteers who are interested in getting started as a Big and continuing as a mentor for at least one year. “I finally decided that if I wanted to really make a difference, I needed to just take the leap and do it,” says Greg, a Big/mentor with BBSVC, in describing his decision to volunteer.

All of the youth who are waiting to be matched with a mentor are primarily from single-parent homes, foster or kinship care, or a home that lacks two positive role models. Over 70% of the youth on the BBSVC waitlist identify as boys. Mentors of all ages, races, genders, and life experiences are needed to step up and be the kind of role model who made a positive impact in their own lives when they were young . All of the children on the BBSVC waitlist have the need for a mentor to step in as a friend and role model at this time in their lives, and are looking forward to being a part of the program. BBSVC invites all role models in Ventura County who want to make a difference in 2020 (and beyond) to apply to be a BIG today!

Anyone interested in learning more or who is ready to become a mentor may visit, or may contact Catherine Hoefflin at or 805.484.2282 ext 113.

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