Vol. 13, No. 22 – July 29 – Aug 11, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 7-7

4:15pm, dispatched to a medical, stingray strike at Harbor Cove. Officers responded with hot water to treat injury. The patient was released at the scene.

Thursday 7-9

2:15pm, dispatched to a water rescue, 4 body boarders in a rip current near the South Jetty. Officers responded in Rescue B-19 and pulled the 4 onboard and delivered them safely to Surfers Knoll back with their families.

Friday 7-10

6:45pm, received dispatch to a capsized vessel near Surfer Knoll from State Parks. Officers responded and assisted the righted vessel back to the harbor.

Saturday 7-11

11:07am, received a report of an unconscious person in the launch ramp restrooms. Officers responded and requested VFD/AMR to also respond. Unfortunately, the patient was discovered deceased. After medics had confirmed death, VPD and the medical examiner took over investigation.

2:40pm, while on patrol, officers observed a transient attempt to steal a bike from a 50-year-old male. The would-be thief was unable to take the bike and attempted to flee the scene but was eventually detained by VPD close by.

Sunday 7-12

7:31am, received complaint about bikes riding on the promenade near VIM. Officers advised of enforcement when observed by patrol or Courtesy patrol.

12:42pm, received a report of a boating accident in the keys. The vessel was secured in lift slip and sustained damage to the bow. Investigation is continuing.

Tuesday 7-14

11:55am, received multiple reports of a red colored hull power boat in violation of speed and wake laws in the mid and South Basin areas of the harbor. The incident and similar reports are under investigation with multiple agencies.

Thursday 7-16

Friday 7-17

12:10pm, observed several violations by fishermen on the Port District longdock. Officers made contacts and removed several fishermen for egregious violations such as urinating and cleaning fish on the dock. Fishing is allowed only in designated areas, such as the beach and from vessels, not docks or rocks.

1:10pm, dispatched to a stingray strike at Harbor Cove from State Parks. Officers responded with hot water to assist in treating the injury.

Saturday 7-18

3:20pm, observed four kids jumping off the Ventura Harbor Yacht Yard pier into the water. The father was contacted and issued a warning for violation.

Sunday 7-19

10:01am, observed a fisherman urinating on the Port District longdock. Officers contacted and removed the individual for the violation. Several fishermen were warned of the ordinance & closure coming of the dock & the rip rap for fishing.

10:41am, received report of juveniles jumping off the fish offloading dock. Officers responded and found the group actively jumping. Warnings issued for swimming in the harbor and the poor quality of the water around the pier.

11:23am, contacted a transient who has erected a shelter on the beach with drift wood and trash. Officers are trying to assist the individual with social services.

5:10pm, officers observed then removed four subjects fishing, drinking and smoking marijuana on the Port District longdock.

9:10pm, dispatched to an overdue PWC with possibly two persons onboard. Officers conducted a search and investigated all leads, but were unable to locate any credible evidence of missing persons or personal water craft.


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