Ventura Potters’ Guild Gallery

A unique old Italian technique to check out at the gallery

If you have never visited the Ventura Potters’ Guild Gallery (VCPG) it is time to discover this crown jewel nestled in the Ventura Harbor Village.

Many of the gallery artists have spent their lifetime studying ceramics. While honing their craft, gallery members have backgrounds that range from corporate executives, entrepreneurs, government workers to full time artists and ceramic teachers. But ceramics has always been their passion.

How does a group of seasoned artists who have followed their passion for clay from young to old get back into business during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Most of the artists have home studios where they create and fire their own work. During the Covid-19 outbreak, members have been experimenting and creating new and exciting works of art.

A unique old Italian technique to check out at the gallery is Sgraffito. The past President of the Ventura County Potters Guild, Genie Thomsen, whose teaching experience includes 22 years with The Adult Education Program through Santa Barbara City College, 15 years at Ventura College and 5 years at The Simi Senior Center, now has the time to explore her Sgrafitto technique. Sgraffito is a form of decoration made by lightly carving through a layer of colored slip to expose the underlying clay. Genie’s forte is sea life and images from nature. “I have always been interested in the Sgraffito technique, so this has been perfect timing for me to explore the concept.”

The VCPG Gallery is located at 1567 Spinnaker Drive, Suite 105 in the Ventura Harbor.

Hours: Mon. – Weds. 12:00 pm – 4 pm

Thurs. – Sun. 11:00 am – 6 pm

For more information visit:

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