Second international win for Tesla radio theatre broadcast

Every Now and Then Theatre in Ventura has won an International Communitas Award for excellence in community service volunteerism and social responsibility for their radio theatre broadcast of “Nikola Tesla: Mysterious Genius.” Co-presented with Conejo Players Theatre in Thousand Oaks, NewsTalk 1590 KVTA Radio aired the one-hour production on Halloween night 2019. Every Now and Then Theatre participants are allowed only one rehearsal, then perform. All shows benefit foster kids. No one personally profits. Recently the show also picked up an International AVA Digital Gold Award for excellence in creativity and support of altruistic efforts.

Celebrity Host Rachel Reenstra joined the select cast of top local actors revealing the mysteries behind Tesla, the nearly forgotten eccentric inventor and animal lover. Reenstra is perhaps best known currently for her hosting of ABC-Disney’s four-time Emmy nominated Saturday TV show, “The Wildlife Docs.”

From the late 1800’s on, Nikola Tesla researched and developed radio (not Marconi), alternating current (A-C), vacuum tubes, the hydroelectric generator, the Tesla Coil energy transmitter, fluorescent and neon lighting, the principles of  X-rays and radar, wireless lighting, the rotary engine, remote control weapons, the basic for robotics, laser weaponry, designs for a vertical takeoff and landing airplane, and much more. Scientists today are still pouring over his papers to discover and understand more of his ideas.

Every Now and Then Theatre is Ventura County, California’s select troupe for radio drama broadcasts since 1990. Now beginning their 31st year, the all-volunteer Every Now and Then Theatre can be found by name on Facebook and maintain a website at

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