Will robotics replace technicians?

by Kevin O’Connor

It seems lately that people everywhere are talking about robots.  The Japanese are really into making them as lifelike as possible. They look very much like people.  We have been on a robot craze for a long time in the movies, but don’t ask me what the difference is between robots and cyborgs and androids and the Terminator!  I just don’t know. So why was that Terminator always mad at everybody? I guess people kept pushing his buttons. Har,har.

Now the year 2020 just sounds special. There’s a certain ring to it.  Who would have thought that so many of us would have finally seen this auspicious year.  I wonder what 2020 will bring?  Will it bring robots everywhere?  Might it bring robots into the pest control industry?  Perhaps there will be a pest control “transformer” called The Exterminator!  By the way, what is a robot’s favorite music? Heavy metal! But I digress . . .

Do you remember that college student in your family who brought home a brand-new computer only to find out that it is superseded by new, twice-as-fast models practically by the time you unwrap it.  Information technology progresses at an exponential pace in this way because each new technology and advancement builds upon the ones that came before it.

So, much of the advancement in technology in 2020 and beyond may end up in robotics.  Getting back to my fantasy about a pest control robot named the Exterminator, who will drop rats dead at 20 paces, I do predict one very important concern.  For me and my house, robots will never replace the good “old-fashioned” but truly futuristic pest control technician.

No, for sure, in my company at least—and I bet in many others—robots cannot do away with the great personal and caring service of one of our technicians who has undergone extensive pest control training, has developed years of experience and expertise, and has a heart for the families he or she serves.

I don’t think you will find a robot who will genuinely care about the customer, who believes in his heart of hearts that this family’s safety, security, good health and general well being are as important to him as the pest control service he so expertly renders.

That’s why I value our men and women who provide the multitude of pest control services our customers enjoy year after year.  Robots may be exciting in 2020, but my hat is off to those real people who serve others, people to people, family to family, as only good human beings do.  Three cheers for the real human technicians we call family at O’Connor Pest Control.
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