Totally Local VC to host the 4th annual Ventura County Ag Week

Ventura County Ag Week “Celebrating all that our farmers and ranchers Do.”

Ventura County Ag Week is a time to reflect on the importance of Ventura County farmers and ranchers and the County’s agriculture industry.

Ventura County farmers and ranchers are truly stewards of the land; they are raising more on fewer acres and competing in a challenging global marketplace. All, while also working to protect Ventura Counties precious soil and water resources. Ventura County Agriculture Week is also a reminder of the impact agriculture has on not only on Ventura County but also the world.

On average American farmers feed more than 144 people… a dramatic increase from 25 people in the 1960s. Simply put Ventura County agriculture is doing more -­‐ and doing it better.

The agriculture industry is essential to our economy and the way of life in Ventura County. Agriculture has been attracting farmers, ranchers and farm-­‐related workers since the 1800s. Even with the oil boom in the 1920s, the construction of military bases in the 1940s, and the growth of freeways, subdivisions and technological industries, agriculture has continued to be the number one employer in our county. Many of our founding farm families still remain today with the current generations carrying on their families’ legacy and relationship with the soil.

Totally Local VC has brought together a diverse group of agricultural related organizations to guide this year’s Ventura County Ag Week Students from Jr. high, High School and college will have an opportunity to hear first hand from local farmers, and chefs as we visit schools throughout the county during Ventura County Ag week. Activities will include:

class talks, field trips to farms & industrial kitchens and Ag related industries. In partnership with some of the leading agricultural companies in the county we will host an Agriculture Career Fair. The career fair will showcase the diverse career opportunity’s available in the field of agriculture, food science and culinary arts.

Ventura County Ag Week is a weeklong celebration of agriculture in the county. Throughout the week it will be working with area schools to help educate and connect students to agriculture. Students and the general public will learn about the wide range of job opportunities that agriculture offers and the vital role each step plays in the food we eat and the clothes that we wear

All week-long school visits and tours – featuring local farmers, chefs and Ag & culinary related industry with farm to plate lunch from March 9 to March 15.

What Can I Do to Help?

Simply put, get involved! Your participation in Ventura County Ag Week is key in helping us spread this positive message about agriculture. There are so many way to help spread the word about agriculture role in our lives, Why not Eat Local Hug a Farmer, send a letter to your local newspaper, call your Congressional representatives or simply sharing information about agriculture with family, friends and the youth in our community.

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