CAPS Radio – KPPQ celebrates its third anniversary

Happy D-Jays at KPPQ training with Lyn Fairly.

KPPQ-LP, CAPS Media Center’s local community radio station is celebrating its third birthday. KPPQ-LP has been serving the Ventura community for three years bringing local programming to over 100,000 residents. Our community producers are creating engaging and professional programs. Elizabeth Rodeno and Evan Carpenter built the station from the ground up converting a storage room into a professional production studio. They spent many hours, learning as they went, planning and building the only local community radio station and production facility in town.

Broadcasting 24/7, KPPQ hosts music and interview shows. Mark Levitt’s “Pure Rock Show” features hard rock and metal bands and has a nationwide following.

“The Pam Baumgardner Music Hour”, hosted by local music celebrity and expert Pam, features Ventura bands and those that come to play in the 805. Listen and learn about the eclectic and talented performers from Ventura County.

“Cool Jazz and Smooth R&B” hosted by Jace Martyn. shares a wide variety of Jazz and R&B, cool and smooth, of course. Riley Real’s “Straight From The 805” airs rap and then some from artists from the 805 and San Francisco. You will hear dark wave, punk and 60’s classic hits on “Soundz”. Kevin Wallace’s “Ojai Dream” is a musical journey through the decades.

“In the Women’s Room”, Kathleen Good’s long running program features guests who share their experiences as women and address social and health related issue to name but a few. Tune in to “Ventura Vibe!” with Nadine Piche. Nadine gets to meet interesting community and nonprofit organizations that care about and support Ventura in each their own way. She also shares some local treasures. “Teen Centric” hosts poetry by a vast and unique group of students finding their voice. Let’s not forget the students from the award winning ECTV. They are producing their own show and podcast. “The Shiver Shows’” unique sci fi and horror storytelling will scare the pants off you. “Adventures in Step” parenting is just that.

Sheldon Brown produced a fascinating community focused show called “The Face of Ventura” and we look forward to his return. There is much more entertaining and informative programming from throughout the world featured each day, 24/7. The schedules and tons of other information about the radio and how you can be part of the audio world – both radio and podcasts. Training classes are held the 4th Wednesday and Thursday or every month.

Sunday, February 9 at the CAPS Media Center will celebrate CAPS Radio-KPPQ’s 3-Year Anniversary of delivering outstanding local radio production to Ventura. We will also Open House that night with opportunity for the public to take a tour of the CAPS Media Center, meet the CAPS Crew and learn more about becoming a Member/Producer. We also celebrate the Oscars so everyone can play along and guess who the winners will be. Doors open at 4pm. RSVP to

Become a Member/Producer, learn the tools, explore any subject that interests you and CAPS will broadcast the story on television and stream it online. Who knows? Next year’s WAVE award could be yours.

The annual membership fee of only $40 with raining included. CAPS Radio requires an additional annual fee of $50 for DJs. Go to to learn how to register for upcoming classes and become a Member/Producer.

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