Attendees enjoyed music, food, friends and family

A memorial dedication was made in Dave’s honor.

It was cold and it was wet, but Saturday, Dec, 7, was a perfect day to be reminded how wonderful David Stork was and how much he meant to all of those associated with the Brain Injury Center.

When their 17-year old daughter Su Stork was involved in a near fatal auto accident in 1985, Dave and Midge Stork along with three other families co-founded the Brain Injury Center.

Dave was Su’s tireless champion up until the day he passed in March, 2019. He was a visionary leader and supporter for brain injury survivors throughout Ventura County and a state advocate for TBI Survivors.

Amidst music, food, friends and family a memorial dedication made in the front garden of the BIC Brain Injury Home at Banner Ave (a 6-bed Adult Living Home for Brain Injury Survivors) in Dave’s honor. One of his favorite sayings was to “Do what you, with what you can, where you can”. This inspirational reminder that we all have the ability to make a difference no matter our challenges or situation was engraved on one of the garden chairs.

The Brain Injury Center (805-482-1312) also provides Care Transitions (hospital to home) and county-wide support groups.

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