Local engineer joins MERITO Foundation board.

Hasan is the owner of the civil and environmental firm Hasan Consultants.

Mohammed A. Hasan, a veteran environmental leader in Ventura county with 45 years of experience dealing with various environmental issues and projects, has joined the MERITO Foundation board.

MERITO Foundation is a 501c (3) organization dedicated to protecting the ocean by facilitating education, conservation, and scientific research opportunities to multicultural youth and their communities.  

Hasan is the principal engineer and owner of the civil and environmental firm Hasan Consultants in Ventura. He was an engineer with the Ventura Regional Sanitation District, and the utilities superintendent of the city of Oxnard. He holds dual M.S. degrees from the University of Iowa. He’s fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, a leadership fellow of the American Public Works Association, and a distinguished life member of the American Water Works Association. Further information about his company is available at hasanconsultants.com.

Hasan is a co-founder of OceanForesters, Inc., with offices in Ventura. OceanForesters helps coastal communities build and manage their own flexible floating fishing reefs. The complete ecosystem on the reefs restores ocean bounty and biodiversity. In two years, the local community team will gain the experience and expertise to independently continue and expand operations in their country. After the coastal communities feed everyone, more reefs will provide seaweed-for-energy and eventually reverse climate change globally. More information about the organization is available at OceanForesters.org. Previously, Hasan served as the chief engineer and general manager of the bio-energy startup company, PODenergy. There he helped develop theories for the reduction of global carbon dioxide via ocean afforestation.

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