Vol. 13, No. 2 – Oct 23 – Nov 5, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 10-02

12:45pm, received a request for traffic control from the construction company building the “Port-side” docks. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 17 to assist with boating traffic control for the barge transporting the crane.

Friday 10-04

3:25pm, received a report of a transient throwing rocks at the Holiday Inn Express. Officers responded but were unable to find the individual described.

Saturday 10-05

5:20pm, received a report of a whale near the School House Jetty in Pierpont. Officers responded and found what appeared to be a small grey whale. A mammal rescue volunteer was contacted and would investigate.

9:03pm, contacted by a diver who was threatened by 2 fisherman hoop netting in the sandtrap area. Officers contacted the 2 and advised of the seriousness of such behavior towards the diver. The situation was resolved without incident.

Tuesday 10-08 11:55am, dispatched to a Hazardous Condition, gas leak at the Ventura Water Treatment plant. Officers responded and assisted VFD with the call. A gas leak was discovered but had not ignited.

Thursday 10-10

8:10am, received a report of a vessel accident between two large commercial vessels. Officers responded and investigated the incident which occurred at the VHV fuel dock. Minor damage to both vessels was observed and reported.

Friday 10-11

12:47am, dispatched to a fall victim at VWM C-dock. Officers responded and found a patient with a serious head wound. He was treated and transported to local hospital by American Medical response ambulance.

6:15am, observed a working brush fire in the river bottom near the golf course. VFD and VCFD were fighting the brush fire. East Winds gusting to 30kts.

Saturday 10-12

3:30am, contacted an individual hoop netting in the swimming area of Harbor Cove. Officers issued warning for the violation; no hoop nets set in the harbor.

10:25pm, while on patrol in Rescue Boat 17 officers observed a flare ignited towards Ventura West Marina. After a search no vessel in distress was located.

Sunday 10-13

4:05pm, observed a large fishing seiner outbound in the turning basin in violation of 302(b) VHO speed. Officers were able to contact the captain via VHF radio and issue warning and gain compliance.

6:03pm, throughout the day officers observed several different types of recreation throughout the harbor most likely due to the favorable weather experienced all day. Kayakers, small and large fishing vessels, standup paddlers and sailboats even though there was no wind enjoyed the boating day.

8:05pm, while on patrol officers enforced hoop netting regulations around the breakwall for several different violations, including insufficient lights, illegal placement of hoop nets and various safety violations.

Monday 10-14

7:58am, dispatched to a medical: chest pain in the parking lot of Plimsol mart. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR. The patient was treated and transported to local hospital for further evaluation by AMR ambulance.

10:50pm, while on patrol, officers observed a suspicious person walking with a fishing pole and tackle in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers contacted the individual and issued warning for trespassing and illegal fishing.


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