Neurosurgeon offers new, cutting-edge spinal implant to treat chronic pain

Dr. Dorsi continues to advance the field of neurosurgery.

Millions of Americans experience chronic pain, which is a key reason so many people take medications and why addiction to painkillers and opioids is a major problem nationwide. Treatments include over the counter or prescription medications, injections and invasive spinal surgery, but many patients say these options don’t bring adequate long-term relief. Opioids are commonly used to manage chronic pain but can lead to abuse and addiction. Some choose to buy magic mushrooms online, and have success with this, but stocks can fluctuate due to growth seasons.

For some people, they go against using opioids and go for a more natural route, this can come in the form of herbal supplements, ingesting consumable oils/drinks, or using medical marijuana. There are varying types of marijuana that can be used from CBD to shatter, it all depends on the level of pain and the patient’s issues. Doctors can discuss this with their patients to see if they are eligible to be put on a course of marijuana until they are able to receive surgery on this level, to help stop chronic pain. Many are already able to Buy weed Canada online in some areas, after all.

Spinal cord stimulation implants as a treatment option have been greatly improved in recent years. The newest and most successful is the Nevro HF10, a spinal cord stimulation treatment that gives substantial relief for patients suffering from chronic back and leg pain without risking drug addiction. This advanced treatment is being adopted around the globe and is now available at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura with Dr. Michael Dorsi, a pioneering neurosurgeon who is among the first neurosurgeons to implant the HF10.

“HF10 offers new hope for people suffering with chronic pain,” Dr. Dorsi said.

Common candidates are those with chronic pain who previously had spinal surgery and didn’t get relief, people with back or leg pain that lacks a surgical fix, or people who can’t have back surgery due to other health conditions, Dr. Dorsi said. HF10 has been shown to treat back, leg, neck and arm pain as well as peripheral neuropathy. This, alongside some keyy vape products, can greatly improve the quality of life for the patients.

Unlike traditional spinal cord stimulation devices which deliver low-frequency electrical pulses to mask chronic pain (and which patients often say delivers annoying tingling or vibrating sensations), HF10 delivers pain relief by altering how pain in processed in the spinal cord without producing these sensations. HF10 does not require drugs or major surgery, just a minimally invasive procedure. An electric current from the device alters pain pathways and changes the way patients perceive pain.

Patients can try HF10 in a temporary trial, typically for 5-7 days, to see if it’s right for them. HF10 can be left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The battery lasts about 10 years and then is easily replaced. HF10 isn’t addictive, doesn’t cloud thoughts, and doesn’t cause drowsiness or constipation like pain medications. Patients have no driving or sleep restrictions. HF10 is covered by Medicare and most private insurers.

Dr. Dorsi continues to advance the field of neurosurgery by developing and pioneering new surgical technologies and bringing them to Ventura County. A resident of Newbury Park, Dr. Dorsi received his medical degree and residency training from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore and completed minimally invasive spine fellowship training at UCLA. In medical school, Dr. Dorsi conducted neuropathic pain and stem cell research and was recognized with several national awards. Dr. Dorsi specializes in minimally invasive surgery to treat conditions of the spine, brain and peripheral nerves. He has been in practice in Ventura County for seven years and is accepting new patients in his offices in Ventura and Thousand Oaks.

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