Keep On Recycling!

Mixed messages about the tumultuous recycling industry may have confused people, but the folks at Harrison’s partner Gold Coast Recycling want everyone to get the message: Do not change the outstanding recycling habits you’ve formed over the past several decades.

Gold Coast continues to accept all curbside and commercial recycling – and the company has a brand new picking line and a new, advanced sorting system to ensure that all recyclable materials get processed efficiently.

“We are still recycling all acceptable materials that our residential and commercial customers put in their recycling containers,” said Harrison spokeswoman Nan Drake. “With the new equipment, our process is running more smoothly than ever.”

“The machinery is doing great,” Gold Coast General Manager George Harrison said of the new systems, which went online this year after a four-month-long installation/transition process.

“We can run the new system much faster and cleaner,” Harrison said. “As a result, our monthly average diversion is significantly better than before and the cleaner material is far more acceptable for the marketplace even though it is selling for far less money.”

After flourishing for decades, the recycling market in China is all but gone now, owing to extremely tight restrictions that took hold this year, but Gold Coast is cultivating other markets in Asia and around the world. Even in a down global market, recycling continues.

The bottom line is this: If you do your part and keep filling your blue barrels and white bins with recyclable paper, plastic, glass and metal at home and at work, you can rest assured that Gold Coast will do its part and recycle it.

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