Clarice and Cookie who reside at Pacifica Senior Living in Oxnard are indeed seniors.

Clarice M

Clarice was born October 9th, 1916 in New York City and was raised in New Jersey. Clarice is an amazing 103 years young. Clarice married an Army man, Harry Peters and had 3 children. Clarice has 6 grandchildren, a few in college and mostly all professionals. Clarice worked as a nurse’s aid for almost 30 years! Her favorite color is red and she enjoys watching movies and exercising every morning in the activity room. Clarice enjoys bowling, eating strawberries and she enjoys living at Pacifica Senior Living, she states, “I am very comfortable here”. Many residents describe Clarice as a loving, friendly, caring woman.


Cookie Y

Kikuko (given the name Cookie by a teacher because they could not pronounce her name) is only 100. Cookie was born October 8th, 1919 in Seattle WA, she moved to CA in 1928, her parents moved her around a lot. Her dad was a shipping clerk for Robinson’s and her mom was a before her time entrepreneur, her mother put herself through college and even received her cosmetology degree without knowing any English. Cookie graduated from Fresno High in 1937 and started waitressing right after high school at a Chinese restaurant located across the street from her mother’s Korean restaurant, she said they treated her so well and fed her better! Cookie later met her husband who was a country boy. They moved out to Oxnard to share crop while she raised her 4 children, 2 still live in the area. Cookie has been single most of her life and has been living in Oxnard permanently since 1950. She was done moving around and never moved again until she joined the Pacifica family earlier this year. She enjoys cooking, gardening and she used to enjoy sewing. Cookie is a friendly, sweet, smart woman who is very able to care for herself. She says “Turning 100 is no big deal because birthday parties are for kids.”

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