Vol. 12, No. 7 – Jan 3 – Jan 15, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

12-18 4:45pm, while on patrol, officers observed hazardous conditions at the South Beach, Surfers Knoll and Marina Park. High Surf, 6-10ft with numerous and powerful rip currents all throughout. NWS issued warnings for conditions.

8:40pm, dispatched to a fire near Harbor/Olivas park. Officers responded and observed the burnoff in the field South of the Santa Clara River, no fire.

12-19 5:03pm, received a report of a boat fire near Island Packers dock. Officers responded in the fireboat and found one of the older diesel commercial fishing light boats was dormant for a while and a lot of soot/smoke was expelled from the vessel’s exhaust upon it being started. No fire was observed.

9:10pm, advised of a diesel spill near VHV H-dock from the Dockmaster. Officers responded to the report, but no source for the small spill was located.

12-20 8:01pm, received request for entrance conditions from a vessel transiting the Harbor Entrance. Officers were able to assist the vessel safely into the harbor.

12-21 4:45pm, several reports of navigation buoys within the harbor are off station. Officers responded and towed the buoys back on station. The buoys were off-station due to the high surf and heavy surge from the last week.

8:10pm, received reports of various transients disturbing the peace all around the harbor. Officers responded but were unable to locate disturbing parties.

12-22 7:30am, contacted National Park Service, they advised no personnel on duty due to the government shut down.

9:07am, observed the city dock at Marina Park has broken due to the 7ft high tide. Ventura City personnel were advised and en route to turn off utilities.

12-23 2:00pm, received a request for information on the government shut-down concerning planned trips to the islands on commercial vessels. Advised caller to contact island packers to inquire.

4:56pm, while on patrol near the seaward in Boat19, officers contacted a long distance swimmer. He was escorted back towards the surfline.

12-24 12:40pm, received a report of a disabled Personal Watercraft Craft in the sandtrap. Officers responded and assisted the vessel, towed it and took the operator on board back to the dock in the Ventura Keys.

2:08pm, dispatched to a medical, lift assist in the Ventura Marina Community from FCC. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with returning the patient to his wheelchair, no medical assistance required.

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