Two fires broke out in West Ventura just minutes of each other

The first fire involved a vagrant encampment adjacent to the Emma Wood group camp. The area of the fire was nestled deep into a clearing, surrounded by Arundel and local fauna, close to the river mouth.

A second fire broke out shortly thereafter in the vicinity of Foster Park that started at approximately 10:34am. The second fire was larger and moving uphill and was initially reported as being started accidentally by heavy equipment on the property. A total of 22 apparatus including engines, aircraft, and hand crews were part of the initial dispatch in attempt to quickly contain the blaze. The fire was reported to be an acre in size and was under the command of the Ventura County Fire Department, with Ventura City Fire units also assigned. An aggressive initial attack of the fire was successful in keeping the fire to a minimum.

The Ventura River fire involved an area approximately 100X100 feet. A total of 16 personnel were assigned; providing water shuttles and establishing significant hose lays deep into the river bottom to fully extinguish the fire. The incident is under investigation as being purposefully set, and the situation is being handled by law enforcement.

Both fires were fully controlled as of 1:00pm.

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