New Stewardship Manager joins VLT team

Dan is passionate about land conservation.

Dan Hulst recently joined the VLT(Ventura Land Trust) team as the new Stewardship Manager. He will work closely with Kate Furlong, VLT’s Stewardship Director, on open space restoration and stewardship projects, VLT’s outdoor environmental education program and social media outreach.

Dan, the youngest of 9 siblings, grew up in Northern California, in the small town of Waterford. (pop. 8,000). He attended Central Catholic High School in Modesto and went on to graduate from San Diego State University in 2014 with a B.S. in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

In 2016, Dan moved to Ventura and began volunteering with Ventura Land Trust. He has donated his time and talents over the past two years and has served as active member of stewardship committee for the past year.

Dan is passionate about land conservation and the preservation of land for public use. He enjoys spending time in the ocean, the mountains, and just generally being outside. He hiked the 210 mile John Muir trail each of the past two years. Dan is thrilled to finally align his employment with his passion, and hopes to make a difference for a community he deeply cares for.  Welcome Dan! Say hello to Dan at

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