Local art student wins scholarship to prestigious art school

Ventura Unified School District employee Maricela Valencia is the very proud mother of daughter Izabelle De-Paz who was just awarded an art scholarship to attend Otis College of Art & Design.

18-year old Izabelle, born and raised in Ventura is a recent graduate from Buena High. The forth of 5 children she has been painting since she was 5. She now paints mostly with markers and acrylics and will be majoring in computer animation and hopes to earn a BFA desgree.

Besides spending a great amount of time with school and her art she still manages to hold down 2 jobs (one at our Westpark) and still volunteers for non-profits when she has the time.

Established in 1918, Otis College of Art and Design is a non-profit institution and national leader in art and design education. Otis has less than 1,100 undergraduate students. The five-acre main campus is located on L.A.’s Westside near LAX and the Graduate Studios are in the Creative Corridor in nearby Culver City.

Her scholarship was awarded to her by Music And Art For Youth “Helping Young Artists To Create Their Vision” under the leadership of Ventura’s St. Pierre.

Izabelle told the Breeze “I gained interest in becoming an artist when I was really little. My mom took me to this drawing class in the animation building at California Adventure, and ever since that day I have continued to draw. I was never the best at making art when I was little, but something inside me drove me to continue drawing. My family noticed my raw talent and began to give me tools to get better at my craft, my biggest supporter being my mom. She found every possible way to help me grow as an artist.”

“My mom helped me get connected with Music and Art for the Youth (MAAFY) through a work friend. They knew about the program and decided to nominate me for the scholarship. MAAFY has given me some opportunities that would have taken me years to accomplish. The program has pushed me as an artist to make more work, talk to more people, practice new skills, and promote myself as an artist. This scholarship has given me my first art show as a featured artist and has done everything possible to give me more and more opportunities to be a known artist.”

A recent fundraiser was held for her at Winchester’s Grille where she sold 10 of her 16 paintings. They were mounted, framed and hung by her under the guidance of St. Pierre.

“Izabelle De Paz was awarded in our arts education program. She has excelled in high honors. Our Board of Directors has recognized her potential and bright future in the visual arts. Her career dream job is Disney Animation. She won a 4 year grant to Otis College Of The Arts & Design. She leaves for college August 18th.” MusicAndArtForYouth.org recently applied for a grant for Izabelle to obtain a new VW Beatle automobile to help her transportation needs, and her busy upcoming college schedule. She has a positive attitude toward her own success. Her life is a good life. Izabelle is a great investment for the future in the arts” stated St. Pierre.

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