Fourth generation Venturan running for city council

The quality of water coming out of the tap today is a top priority of Spencer’s.

Spencer Noren, a fourth generation Venturan, has announced that he is running for city council in District 4 on the far east side of Ventura. In 2017, he moved home with the mission to make a positive difference in the community of Ventura. After living in Phoenix and Seattle, he is returning to his roots with his wife Melyssa, and two elementary aged children.

An entrepreneur at heart, Spencer first learned about business and community from his grandparents Len and Beverly Noren, the original owners of Noren’s Market. Spencer took his passion for people, and being social, and started his own business, Yo Social, a local media management company. He is also heavily involved in the community as the Juanamaria Elementary PAC representative, Foothill Little League coach, FOOD Share volunteer, Chamber of Commerce member, East Ventura Community Council vice-chair and enjoys attending church locally.

Spencer’s energy and passion are undeniable when you chat with him about his hometown of Ventura. When asked how he plans to use the energy to improve the city, he says “I am going to demand accountability within the city jobs, ensure we are being more efficient, and improve our city’s use of technology.”

Noren is focused on helping all citizens affected by the Thomas Fire. He insists we must have safe and clean streets, improved water quality, and better support for our teachers and students, especially in District #4. How will he implement this? Noren says, “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel of our historic coastal town. We just need new attitudes, with a fresh voice, to use basic social skills and updated technology.”

The quality of water coming out of the tap today is a top priority of Spencer’s. He says, “If the town is all equal, our water needs to be too.” Emergency preparedness, especially with fire season around the corner, is something that keeps him up at night. He wants to ensure the City of Ventura is prepared for anything to come it’s way. For students and teachers, he says, “I want safe schools, both in regards to morning and afternoon traffic and within the building so children feel safe all day; more extra programs, such as PE class in all elementary schools, more art, music and drama exposure; and high teacher salaries.”

Noren stated, “This is my World Series, Ventura is my team. I am not using this town as a stepping stone for my political career. If elected, I will continue to be involved in all community services, listen to my constituents, and play hard ball for the quality of life on the Eastside of Ventura, in District #4.”

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