Here’s how to stay cool this summer

“Are you sure wearing this hat will keep me cool?”

Senior News Line
by Matilda Charles

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, but there are locations in the country where the temperature is reaching 100 degrees. Much of the Sunbelt already is seeing highs in the 90s. All of those numbers are going to rise in the coming weeks. It’s the time of year for seniors to beware the heat. Here are some tips:

Consider sun-blocking drapes for windows on the south and west side of the house. Keep them closed during the heat of the day.

Join afternoon activities at the library and senior center. That way you’ll be in air conditioning when the heat is at its worst. If you can get to the mall, go there. Sit in the food court and read a book(or the Ventura Breeze), or walk some laps for exercise.

Plan your errands for early or late in the day.

Call your doctor’s office and ask about your water intake. Be sure to tell them all of your medications; some drugs can make it too easy to become dehydrated, especially if you take diuretics. Remember that sugary drinks don’t count as liquid intake.

If you go out, use a wide-brim woven hat. Check the weather and keep an eye on the heat index. Wear loose cotton clothing.

Remember: We seniors don’t always know when we’re getting overheated. Heat exhaustion or heatstroke can creep up on us because our circulatory system doesn’t work like it used to. Know the symptoms of heat exhaustion: weakness, headaches, dizziness and muscle cramps. The more serious heatstroke can follow only 10-15 minutes later.

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