Ventura College proudly hosted Climate Action Summit

Ventura College GeoSciences Department partnered with the 350 Ventura County Climate Hub to host an informative Climate Action Summit held on Tuesday, April 24, in the Applied Sciences Building.

“I am honored to be included in an opportunity to provide clarity and truth to the discussion of climate”, says Professor Patty Ridenour who opened the doors to bringing this event to the college.

One of the presenters was Kitty Merrill, the founder of 350 Ventura County Climate Hub. She explained “We hear that climate change is coming, but what can you do? The Ventura Climate Action Summit will give you tools to survive and push back against climate change here in Ventura.”

Speakers included, Dr. Omar Clay, an Environmental Physicist who has been researching writing and teaching on subjects related to sustainable development, environmental challenges, climate change and global security for over a decade. He is the Research Director of Science for the People, an Environmental and Sustainability Research Center in Baja California, Mexico.

Dr. Clay is concerned about the Trump Administrations bludgeoning of the EPA and the associated attacks aimed at undermining the credibility of science and scientists. His interest in what is taking place in our biosphere has also spurred his own move towards a more conscious sustainable life style.

The Summit addressed a variety of climate change related topics with a focus on what can and must be done to make the changes needed in our own community.

Ventura City Councilmember Christy Weir was enthusiastically chosen to be a “Climate Action Presenter” on the panel as well. Weir has played an active role to ensure that Ventura will be moving toward a clean energy future.

Jan Dietrick, a local business leader active with the Citizens Climate Lobby had far more of value to impart than time allowed, as did Kimberly Rivers, the Executive Director of Citizens for Responsible Gas and Oil.

A vigorous Q and A followed the presentations.

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