Karyl Lynn Burns and Jane Anderson discussed her career and new play

“The more you have to bring in humor.”

by Jennifer Tipton

Writer Jane Anderson sat down for a Q & A with Karyl Lynn Burns (Rubicon’s Co-Founder / Producing Artistic Director) on Monday, April 30th before a group of Rubicon supporters, contributors and fans to discuss her career and The Baby Dance: Mixed now playing at the Rubicon. Jane said she dropped out of college in the 1970’s to become an actor and became aware of “what good dialog was”. Writing for theater and television, she has 2 Emmys, received Golden Globe nominations along with other awards. Karyl described Jane as “brave – because she writes not just comedy or tragedy” and Jane explained, “the deeper, more powerful the subject, the more you have to bring in humor!”

The World Premiere of The Baby Dance: Mixed runs at the Rubicon until May 20th. A drama delicately laced with comic overtones, The Baby Dance: Mixed is a compelling and urgent play about race, class, and wanting the perfect child. Read the full review in this issue.

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