A Night to Remember: A prom for students with special needs

Mission Church is set to sponsor the seventh annual A Night to Remember, a free prom for students with special needs, to be held at the Ventura County Fairgrounds Friday, May 18th beginning at 6:30 p.m.

“There is nothing quite like this night and experience for both our guests and volunteers. It’s like a picture of heaven on earth,” explained Mike Hickerson, Lead Pastor at Mission Church. “When everyone is out on the dance floor together, we all recognize that we’re not that much different from each other, and it just feels like something is right in the world.”

The night includes dresses and tuxedos, hairstyling, makeup and corsages or boutonnieres, limo rides and a walk down a red carpet cheered on by paparazzi. Each guest is accompanied by a student host from the community, given a formal photo, special desserts and treats and a night of dancing with a professional DJ.

“This event is not just a special night, but a night that has impacts our community all year long; we have watched our guests make friends with other students in their high schools and continue those friendships for years to come,” said Jen Oakes, NTR’s Event Director.

Over 400 guests and 2,000 volunteers are expected to celebrate together on this special night that will truly be A Night to Remember.

Mission Church, 2875 Elba St. www.missionventura.com | www.facebook.com/missionventura

For more information info@missionventura.com or 626.8850.

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