Music is alive and well at our schools

Cabrillo Middle School Music earned top ratings.

The String Orchestra and Wind Ensemble Cabrillo Middle School students earned gold ratings from the Forum Music Festival held on Saturday, March 24th. The festival took place at Whitney High School in Orange County, and was adjudicated by music professors Bob Feller of Biola University and Jeff Jarvis of CSU Long Beach based on the national standards of music in education.

Under the direction of Mario J. Boccali, Music Teacher at Cabrillo Middle School they received the highest overall ratings of all the schools in attendance:

String Orchestra – Average score of 96.5

Wind Ensemble – Average score of 97

The Ventura High School Honors Wind Ensemble also had an outstanding festival experience while in Boston.

The Wind Ensemble Honors Wind Ensemble has returned from a very engaging and exciting trip to Boston. They performed with Collegiate/Professional level music with a great degree of musicality. Their overall score was 97% while under pressure and the adjudicators were blown away that high school students could play such challenging music.

There were many encouraging comments made from the directors, one from Berkley, another of Boston Conservatory, Dartmouth and New England Conservatory. The director of Dartmouth promised every member of the ensemble to have their application expedited through admissions, regardless of their major.

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