Lawsuit filed against Socal Edison

Southern California based Wildfire Legal Group filed a lawsuit against SoCal Edison on behalf of 287 victims of the Thomas Fire. The lawsuit alleges that Edison is liable for negligently starting the fire, due to poor maintenance of electrical infrastructure and the surrounding vegetation. It further seeks to hold Edison responsible for the resulting mudslides that occurred in the wake of the Thomas Fire. The plaintiffs include homeowners, renters, business owners, ranchers, as well as avocado and citrus farms.

The lawsuit, which is not a class action, seeks to recover losses that are not covered by insurance (e.g., cherished family heirlooms), or that are underinsured (e.g., limited coverage for construction rebuild). The suit also seeks to recover damages for emotional harm, and personal injuries suffered in the Thomas Fire, and subsequent mudslides.

Wildfire Legal Group is comprised of three Southern California wildfire litigation firms.

The lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

For more information about the filing or the case in general, call attorney Elliot Adler at 265-0076, or email

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