John Lunsford “Buck Fifty” 1954 – 2018

John was a talented blues/jazz musician and gospel singer.

John Lunsford “Buck Fifty”, an iconic local musician, passed away this month. John was the owner of Realizations Recording Studio and Rising Force Sound as well as a talented blues/jazz musician and gospel singer. Playing flute and harmonica while wailing the blues with local musicians was his passion. His studio was open to all and all were received with love, compassion, the occasional spiritual scripture reading, and even fed from the “homeless grill” in the parking lot.

He led the Battle of the Bands Ventura in the 90s; was a sound and lighting engineer at many local hot spots; and built stages for Ventura Theater, Oxnard College, and local production companies.  His presence was felt in this great town and his spirit will live on in the music he was a part of.

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