Elders and companionship

by Connie De La Rosa

After spending time speaking with many seniors at senior centers, assisted living places and elder events, many find themselves quite content in being part of a community that can relate to their present situation such as illnesses, losses, changes and challenges. Not only do they feel accepted and understood, they feel their day is fulfilled by being with their friends and acquaintances.

Many family caregivers may feel protective over their loved one and worry if they are able to attend functions or not ready to accept the fact that their loved one is interested in meeting someone their age to spend time with. Most elders really only want to be able to spend time with someone in having a cup of coffee or having a nice dinner and sharing some of their experiences good or bad. After listening to a few elders making statements such as “I don’t want to worry my kids so I talk to my neighbors, my friend, etc.” or “My kids don’t understand or respect my wishes.”

Elders have a need, like most of us, to speak to someone who can understand their situation. As long as their doctor approves and your loved one would like to join a senior center or attend a function, let them do so. This will only enhance their life to their fullest.

For more information on the nearest senior center or senior events, please call 420-9608 for free information and resources. Family Caregiver Resource Center Catholic Charities- OASIS.

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