The best summer ever starts at Ventura Family YMCA

Ventura Family YMCA is offering day/sleepaway camp to make sure kids and teens in Ventura are adventurous, active and healthy this summer. YMCA camp programs are much like the well known school trips by Allnatt in that they offer youth fun and unique experiences with an opportunity to explore the outdoors, meet new friends, discover new interests and create memories that last a lifetime. However, they can be organised during school holidays so that parents can have a break too.

Summer is the ideal time for kids to get up, get out and explore. But, for some kids summer means no access to recreational and educational activities to help them learn, grow and thrive during out-of-school time. As a result, some kids can experience learning loss and gain weight twice as fast than during the school year. Attending Ventura Family YMCA summer camp is a wonderful opportunity for kids to keep their minds and bodies active.

Summer camp is all about a wide variety of new experiences and exploring the outdoors. YMCA camps have a new adventure for every child and teen.

Day and sleepaway camps offer fun, stimulating activities that engage the body and mind, and also help children and teens learn the importance of nutrition to help improve their healthy eating habits.

While in the welcoming environment of camp, youth have a chance to learn new skills, and develop confidence and independence by taking on new responsibilities and challenges. Camps offer cognitive learning and social-emotional development opportunities for achievement.

Summer camp is an unforgettable experience that will give each camper memories (and camp traditions) that will last a lifetime. Youth return to school with plenty of camp stories to share!

The Ventura Family YMCA offers a wide variety of camps. And, to ensure that all youth have the chance to experience camp, the Ventura Family YMCA offers financial assistance to those in need. If you’re interested in helping send kids to camp this summer, you can donate to the Y at

For more information, visit or contact Julie Obrien, Youth Programs Director at 642.2131 or .







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