Vol. 10, No. 8 – January 18 – January 31, 2017 – Mailbox

To editor Sheldon,
You missed the point.  I have only one issue . . . your substitution of the word “Dog” for “God.”  Show some respect for those of us who love our God.  I hope you reprint the initial narrative in concert with this response so that your readers will have the opportunity to view the totality of this exchange.
Dan Scully, SR.

Dan: I certainly do apologize to those whose feelings were hurt by this but not for putting it in the paper. In this god-awful world we live in we need to maintain a sense of humor to not always be depressed even if at the expense of God. Hopefully he understands. And would love to hear from other readers.

Printed from Jan.4 Ventura Breeze

In your December/January issue, you displayed your “Christmas present . . . a 50 dollar bill bearing your picture and the words “in DOG we TRUST.”  I, and I am sure the majority of folks in Ventura, are deeply offended by your substitution of the word “DOG” for “GOD, our Lord and Savior.  Freedom of expression is a two-way street, so please express your appreciation of same by publishing this letter.
Dan Scully, SR

Dan: So published as requested but I don’t think that the words In God We Trust even belong on our currency. Money is not the proper place to make a religious statement. Nor does Under God belong in our Pledge of Allegiance which was added in 1954 to show the commies that we are a God loving country.

Ventura Breeze Opinions:

I read, with great interest, your Jan. 4-17 article on the Audubon Society’s interest on the Salton Sea’s projected further shrinking, due to further restrictions on Colorado River inflow.

I learned to water ski there in 1959 and always found it a shame that such a “Riviera” type tourist attraction be allowed to wither and nearly die. But, I have always felt that there could be a cheap remedy, by building a pipeline, gravity fed, from the Gulf of California to the Salton, which is below sea level, to fill it back to previous levels. Then the Salton could truly be an inland Sea, with the same salinity as the Pacific. Thus the Salton’s coastal values would rise and it could also become a fisherman’s haven, while eliminating the clouds of toxic dust now emanating from its alkaline coast and making SoCal’s population sick. Why this has never been considered is a mystery to me.

Steven Schlah, Ventura resident

Ventura Breeze:

Ventura is currently re-examining its ordinance (municipal code chapter 6.455) which regulates short-term vacation rentals (STVRs) in the city of Ventura, including Pierpont Beach which falls within the Coastal Zone. My family has rented STVRs numerous times in many different vacation spots including Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, Monterey, Cayucos, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, Palm Springs, Maui, Oahu, and others. If you have a family with kids, or if you want to vacation with extended family or friends, STVRs are an affordable and convenient alternative to hotels/motels. The access to kitchen facilities, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, garages, and other amenities is ideal for many wanting to take their dream vacation.  In addition, the existence of plentiful STVRs in popular destinations brings tourist dollars to these communities and tax revenues for local governments.

Lately, a small group of homeowners in the Pierpont Beach area have been waging a campaign to have STVRs banned in Ventura, or severely limited. These folks use grossly exaggerated claims of noise, parking violations, and overflowing trash to justify their position, but the truth is that STVRs have no more of these issues than owner-occupied properties or long term rentals. These folks want to limit access to Pierpont Beach to the lucky few who were wealthy enough or fortunate enough to be able to acquire a beach house before the prices started to skyrocket. The California Coastal Commission has stated: “The Coastal Act places a higher priority on the provision of visitor-serving uses, particularly overnight accommodations, over private residential uses because such visitor-serving uses offer a vehicle for the general public to access and recreate within the state’s coastal zone. “

For the record, I own a STVR at Pierpont Beach in addition to being a full-time resident of Pierpont Beach. The majority of Ventura STVR owners also live in Ventura, or within 35 miles of Ventura.

Mike Kory

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.
~ Albert Einstein

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