Ray Jaurique art at Bell Arts Factory

by Staci Brown

Ray Jaurique has been painting for just a few years but his talent is immeasurable. With no professional training, Ray was inspired by his own father’s art that he wanted to imitate. He finds inspiration in many places and states that a lot of his inspiration is from shapes appearing in his reoccurring dreams. He is also inspired by all of the shapes and colors in sea life, sunsets and the shapes and colors that appear when closing your eyes after staring at the sun. He likes to give the impression of movement and enjoys painting the iris. Ray sees creation and inspiration everywhere and is always creating.

Ray often has five or more pieces going at one time. He can spend all day going back and forth working on the canvas as he feels inspired by each piece.  When he feels inspired, he wants to get it sketched out as soon as he can. Creativity constantly flows.

Ray is also a superbly talented musician. He plays and writes music with his band Ray Jaurique and the Uptown Brothers. They are currently working on a new original CD. He builds guitars, cooks and makes beautiful jewelry using inlay work, pearl, decorative hard woods and abalone.

Ray’s work is displayed at the Bell Arts Factory across from Executive Director, Jim Rice’s office. Go by and see his work and try to catch one of his shows. You will not be disappointed.


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