Vol. 10, No. 5 – December 7 – December 20, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

11-15 1:40pm, received a report of a fuel sheen near Ventura Isle marina.  Officers responded and discovered a sheen, but determined most of the spill had started evaporating and the size was not significant enough to warrant a full response.
11-16 1:11pm, received a report of a hazardous situation at 1500 Spinnaker drive restrooms.  Officers responded and found a toxic fumes emanating from a drain that was attempted to be cleared with drain opener.  Fire responded and determined that the fumes were nontoxic, no injuries were sustained.

5:32pm, received a report of a vehicle turn-over at the end of Spinnaker Drive near the National Park Service.  Officers responded and found a vehicle missed the turn, jumped through the NPS garden and ended up on the driveway to the NPS backlot.  The driver was eventually arrested for DUI, and admitted to distracted driving (looking for directions) and the vehicle towed.                      

11-18 5:25pm, received a report of a possible boat fire in Ventura Isle Marina.  Officers responded in the fireboat and discovered a tenant of the marina was barbequing on his sailboat.  While it was a large flame initially, it was contained in a boat BBQ, cancelled all responding units.                            
11-19 11:40am, while on patrol, officers observed a large motor vessel towing another large motor vessel just outside the harbor.  After contacting the captains, they refused any assistance.  Eventually, TowBoat US took over the tow and safely released the towed vessel at the VHM YY haul out dock.

3:50pm, received a report of a vessel sinking 4 miles offshore.  Officers responded with TowBoat US to assist the sinking fishing boat.  The source of the water was found and mitigated and the vessel was escorted back to the boatyard haul out dock.

4:25pm, officers observed marine radio VHF channel 16 was malfunctioning.  U.S. coast guard was contacted and they advised that a repeater on Bald Mt. near San Luis Obispo was down.  No time-line for repair was given.

8:52pm, received a dispatch to a fall victim near the Ventura Boat yard.  Officers responded and assisted AMR and Ventura Fire with local transient female who was transported to local hospital for minor injuries.

11-20 8:35am, received a report of an injured seabird near the fueldock.  Officers responded, captured the bird and contacted bird rescue to pick up the bird.

2:10pm, observed a small overloaded motor vessel heading out of the harbor.  Due to the large swell and dangerous conditions, officers terminated the voyage and escorted the vessel with 7 person’s onboard back to the launch ramp for a safety inspection.

10:30pm, received a request to escort a inbound fishing lightboat due to the dangerous surf/conditions.  The captain of the lightboat requested that officers keep a sharp eye on his dog.  The vessel made the entrance passing safely.

11-23 6:35pm, received a missing person report from a local transient.  He hasn’t seen his wife in a few days, advised he should also contact Ventura PD.


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