Vol. 10, No. 2 – October 26 – November 8, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

10-12 10:10am, received a report of a disabled fishing vessel at the Harbor entrance.  Officers responded and assisted a commercial fishing vessel by towing them to the boatyard for repairs.      
10-14 8:00am, received a report of an oil spill near the Harbor entrance from a vessel entering the Harbor.  Officers responded and observed what appeared to be a patch of engine exhaust soot, no oil was discovered.

10:14pm, received a report of a fuel spill at VIM from vessel assist dispatcher.  Officers responded and found a vessel with red-dye diesel in the bilge but nothing in the water.  Absorbent pads were given to the boat owner and he will take the vessel to the boat yard in the morning to locate the source of the leak.

11:03pm, officers conducted hoop net activity observations.  Three different vessels were warned for various violations of the Harbor ordinance and state fishing and equipment laws.              

10/15 1:07pm, received a report of a water rescue, capsized vessel with 3 persons in the water near Marina Park from a photographer on the beach.  Officers responded with a patrol boat and rescue water craft to the call.  When they arrived on scene, State Parks, Ventura fire and AMR ambulance were also on scene assisting two of the victims on the beach.  The vessel was capsized and the owner was on the boat.                  
10-16  9:54am, due to the thick fog bank that rolled in, officers were patrolling and advising boaters without radar about the large surf and their inability to see in the dangerous conditions.

3:25pm, received complaints of a purse seiner tender in violation of speed and wake laws in the mid area of the harbor.  Officers responded and issued verbal warnings for the violation at the harbor entrance.                 

10-19 12:55pm, while conducting enforcement contacts of two PWC’s at the launch ramp, officers determined that one of the group was overdue.  They responded by vehicle and found the missing person and PWC on the beach near McGrath state beach.  Arrangements were made to remove the PWC and reunite the three persons.                   
10-20 9:15pm, while on patrol, officers contacted two separate vessels for harbor ordinance violations.  The two were engaged in hoop netting outside the harbor.          
10-21 2:21pm, received a report of a vessel possibly in distress anchored outside of Emma Wood campground.  Officers responded and contacted the owner who was on board, but no distress was observed or reported.  


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