Simple Steps to Good Health – June 2016, Fitness Tips


by Elisabeth Mondragon

5 Ways to Sneak in Exercise This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to check in with your healthy lifestyle goals. You might be spending less time in a gym but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on exercise. Be creative and exercise outside! Spending active time with your family or friends outdoors is an easy way to sneak in exercise and summer fun in the sun. Here are five fun ideas.

daily-morning-walk-41. Early morning walks
The thought of being outside in the summer afternoon heat can be daunting. Why not take a morning walk instead? You can even take your coffee with you, just make sure you’re walking fast enough to get your heart rate up. A lap around a scenic park, a brisk stroll down the beach or even a couple of loops around your block will ensure your day gets off to a healthy start. Bring your dogs and kids if you have them!

poolexercise2. Pool exercises
There are endless opportunities to enjoy time at the pool during hot summer months. Whether you have a club membership, access to a neighborhood pool or even a day pass to the public pool, why not turn this essential summer pastime into a workout! Instead of lounging on the edge of the water, jump in! If you have kids, play Marco Polo or judge a handstand contest. If not, grab a buddy and work up a sweat racing laps or even doing water aerobics! Bonus points if there’s a water slide – all that walking up stairs is a great workout for your legs.

familysoftball23. Family field day
This is a fun, active way to celebrate a summer birthday or family reunion. Take the focus off the treats and concentrate on good old-fashioned competition instead! Kids and adults can participate in a backyard games, making this a good activity for the whole family. Burlap sack races, water balloon fights, basketball and hula hooping are activities that will get your hearts pumping. Don’t forget to drink water! The hardest part will be deciding who will be on each team!

beachcleanup4. Volunteer
Feel good and do good – what could be better? There are thousands of outdoor volunteer opportunities across the country. Pick an active one, like rebuilding hiking trails, picking up trash at a local beach, planting trees or building a house for the less fortunate. Even if you only have one open weekend to commit, chances are there’s a need to fill in your community.
beachvolleyball5. Recreation Leagues
Your city likely has sports leagues for all ages, whether it’s a 20-somethings kickball league, a weekly tennis game or a family softball tournament. You probably won’t even notice the exercise part — you’ll be distracted by the competition and socializing! Don’t forget to walk around, stand or cheer when it’s not your turn to participate. Getting your friends and family involved will help you stay motivated to attend.

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