Film viewing opens discussion about reinventing education

Darcy Duffy and Melissa Watz led the discussion after the film.

by Ana K. Gonzalez

A viewing of the award winning documentary film Most Likely to Succeed was held at the Poinsettia Pavilion on April 7th. KiteStream, a new online community helped organize the presentation of the film.

KiteStream was initiated by Venturan Melissa Wantz, to lead conversations about improving today’s education systems.

The event brought together over a hundred teachers, students, parents, and educational administrators.  A short discussion was held after the film about the earlier educational experiences with the audience. The discussion went over key points which were mentioned in the film, for instance “Student engagement in school plummets as they get to higher grades—from 80% in elementary school to just 40% by the beginning of high school.” Or “The Lego Foundation study reports that students lose more than 90% of their creative capacity during their school years.”

The audience was left with mixed emotions of frustration for the current situation but also inspiration for the future of education.

Since Most Likely To Succeed premiered just a year ago, the film has reached hundreds of thousands of people, inspiring them to help America’s schools prepare our students for the future.

The film focuses on a charter high school in San Diego, High Tech High. The school decided to take a chance and strive away from the traditional education system to focus on student development through only project based learning. The documentary followed a few students through their experience in the school, and their projects. It also interviewed teachers and parents about their impressions and concerns in this new style.

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