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stuff CAPSManny Reynoso and Jairo Brito on location at the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day parade.

By Elizabeth Rodeno

Our new board president, Cliff Rodrigues is a long time resident of Ventura who has taken the mantle of board chair of CAPS Media. Along with the rest of the board, he is devoted to CAPS Media and our mission. Cliff’s career as an educator, first at Cabrillo Jr. High, then with the Ventura County Office of Education in charge of bi-lingual education and then on the board of the VUSD, offers years of experience in what we consider one of the primary missions of CAPS, educating. As Cliff says “Being part of the CAPS Media board for the last couple of years has shown me that having public access channels is the perfect vehicle for keeping the community involved and up-to-date on what is happening in local government. It is also the perfect platform for the public to produce programs that reflect what is going on in the community.”

So what is going on in the community? Just recently our El Camino Television student producers had the opportunity to cover the Social Awareness conference hosted by El Camino High School at the Wright Event Center. Field production, with its audio and lighting challenges, provide these students even more experience. This is one more step on the journey to becoming professional news journalists.

It’s around this time that our calendar begins to fill up, as if we have not been busy. Just around the corner is The Festival of Talent, a grand event featuring the talented youth of Ventura. CAPS Media has long been a supporter of the event; recording, editing and broadcasting the entire show. Our full production crew features the committed students and volunteers honing their production skills. Go to our website to get a behind the scenes peak at the event and we will see you there on February 27.

On March the fifth, head to Westpark, the City’s oldest park for an open house. Westpark, an important feature on the Westside has undergone recent upgrades and included a full roster of community classes and events. Come out and enjoy the fun, with games, activities and tours. We will be out there filming and taking in some of the festivities.

March the 12 is the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, broadcast live on channel 6. This year in celebration of the 150th Anniversary, the Grand Marshalls will include some of the first families of Ventura. This event has it all, dancers, marching bands, important politicians, and of course the big green pig.  As always we’ll get you up close to the festivities and you can re-live it on channel 6 after the big day.

Check out our new website with all the info you need to sign up, reserve your space in a class and catch not only the CAPS Media productions on Vimeo but watch the channels live streaming from your computer. Go to Thanks to Donald who has work diligently to create the new website.  Driving down Day Road you’ll catch sight of our sign and that means you need to drop in and say hello.


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