Students receiving awards were from all areas in and around Ventura County

21 adult re-entry students each received a Phoenix Scholarship.
21 adult re-entry students each received a Phoenix Scholarship.

On Thursday, March 31 at Ventura College Wright Event Center Ventura College re-entry students received scholarships to help achieve their goals.

Foundation Donor Helen Yunker  addressed the audience with Foundation Executive Director Nobert Tan.
Foundation Donor Helen Yunker  addressed the audience with Foundation Executive Director Nobert Tan.

The 17th Annual Phoenix Scholarship Ceremony offered larger scholarships, helping students overcome financial hardships

21 adult re-entry students, who have overcome difficult circumstances in order to pursue their studies at Ventura College, each received a Phoenix Scholarship between $1,000 and $5,000 from the Ventura College Foundation. These students have inspiring stories that all share a common thread: Never give up on the dream of a college education. A total of $37,000 was distributed at the event.

The event was hosted by the Foundation’s staff and board of directors.

In previous years, all students received $1000. The larger scholarships launched this year reflect the increasing cost of education and several Foundation donors’ desire to relieve as many barriers to education as possible.

Recipients were selected based on their academic goals and progress, along with their financial need.

The Ventura College Foundation’s board of directors established the scholarship in 1999 after learning about the unique challenges of Ventura College re-entry students. Established in 1983, the Ventura College Foundation provides financial support to the students and the programs of Ventura College to facilitate student success and grow the impact and legacy of Ventura College as a vital community asset. For more information, contact the Foundation at  289-6461 or visit


Vol. 9, No. 16 – May 11 – May 24, 2016 – Tech Today

Tech Today with Ken May

What is the Internet of Things, and what does it mean for me?

Have you heard anything about the Internet of Things, AKA IoT? It’s been in and out of the news quite a bit, for both good and bad reasons. Forbes says The Internet of Things is becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it. It’s a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we live but also how we work. But what exactly is the IoT, and what impact is it going to have on you, if any? There are a lot of complexities around the “Internet of Things” but I want to stick to the basics. Lots of technical and policy-related conversations are being had but many people are still just trying to grasp the foundation of what the heck these conversations are about.

Let’s start with understanding a few things.

High speed Internet has become more widely available, the cost is decreasing, more devices are being created with Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors built into them, technology costs are going down, and smartphone ownership is sky-rocketing.  All of these things are creating a “perfect storm” for the IoT.

So What Is the Internet of Things?

Simply put, this is the concept of basically connecting any device to the Internet (and/or to each other). This includes everything from cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.  This also applies to components of machines, for example a jet engine of an airplane or the drill of an oil rig. As I mentioned, if it electricity, then chances are it can be a part of the IoT.  The analyst firm Gartner says that by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices. That’s a lot of connections, and some even estimate this number to be much higher, over 100 billion.  The IoT is a giant network of connected “things” (which also includes people).  The relationship will be between people-people, people-things, and things-things.

How Does This Impact You?

The new rule for the future is going to be, “Anything that can be connected, will be connected.” But why on earth would you want so many connected devices talking to each other? There are many examples for what this might look like or what the potential value might be. Say for example you are on your way to a meeting; your car could have access to your calendar and already know the best route to take. If the traffic is heavy your car might send a text to the other party notifying them that you will be late. What if your alarm clock wakes up you at 6 a.m. and then notifies your coffee maker to start brewing coffee for you? What if your office equipment knew when it was running low on supplies and automatically re-ordered more?  What if the wearable device you used in the workplace could tell you when and where you were most active and productive and shared that information with other devices that you used while working?

Of course, this opens huge security and privacy issues. IT departments are already dealing with the fallout from finding previously undiscovered holes in their networks because of IoT devices. There are great concerns with Smart TVs with webcams spying on people and recording conversations. As consumers, we must support watchdog organizations to ensure that civil liberties are not being violated, and legislate harsh penalties for those caught doing so.

Mother’s Day Luncheon held

Two dedicated mothers honored at luncheon.
Two dedicated mothers honored at luncheon.

On April 22, Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association celebrated its 9th Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon honoring Ellen Brokaw and remembering Corolyn Powell, two dedicated mothers who gave tirelessly to their families and community. Over 170 guests paid tribute to these two amazing women at the Las Posas Country Club.

Ellen Brokaw is the head of the Brokaw Ranch Company and is actively involved in solving housing issues that face agricultural workers. Her five adult children Debbie, Rob, Elisabeth, Will and Elena (Ventura Parks, Recreation, and Community Partnerships Director) spoke highly of her as both a mother and businesswoman, clearly an inspiration to them all.

The “In Memory Of” tribute went to Corolyn Powell. Sons John, Nobel III, granddaughter Maureen Hefelfinger, and longtime friend Harry Crosby recalled their memories of Corolyn, known to her neighbors as the “Fernwood Drive Block Mom”.

Over $115,000 was raised.  All funds go toward ensuring that Ventura County patients have access to quality home health care, compassionate hospice, and vital in-home assistance regardless of their ability to pay.

The 12th Annual NAMI Ventura County Walk held on Saturday April 30

health NAMIThe 12th Annual NAMI Ventura County Walk benefitting the National Alliance on Mental Illness was held on Saturday April 30 at the Ventura Promenade. The 5k walk began at 10:30 am. The Walk is a tradition that provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the facts of mental illness, to erase the stigma associated with mental illness, and to raise funds so that NAMI Ventura County can continue to offer all of their programs and services at no cost to persons who can be helped by those services. It gives everyone a chance to show their support for all of the efforts put forth by NAMI Ventura County.

health NAMI inset

Irish struggle for independence remembered

Brian Brennan and Maire O'Connell commemorate the centenary at Ivy Lawn. Photo by Ryan Schultz Ventura High School
Brian Brennan and Maire O’Connell commemorate the centenary at Ivy Lawn. Photo by Ryan Schultz Ventura High School

Several prominent local Irish Americans gathered at Ivy Lawn Memorial Park to commemorate the centenary of the Irish Easter Rising, the rebellion that kick-started the Irish struggle for independence.  Organized by John McNally, this special event started at noon, exactly 100 years from the start of the insurgency.

Other participants included Brian Brennan, Maire O’Connell who read the Proclamation, Michael Ward recited the funeral oration of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, Tim Gallagher who read a poem by the British soldier, local writer Jon Obermeyer read WB Yeats Easter 1916, and Sally McNally sang songs of the era in Irish and in English.

Bill Ferguson, President of the Easter Rising Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians laid a wreath at temporary monument to the executed leaders of the Rising and Deacon Ron Huntly blessed the event with a prayer for Irelands patriot dead.  John McNally gave the main oration which gave told us of the significance of the Easter Rising, who the leaders were and why they scarified their lives for this cause, and his recent experiences in Dublin last month at their centenary events.  A Irish bagpiper played at the beginning and end of the ceremony.

John McNally stated “ 100 years ago the men and women of Easter Rising took over central Dublin, declared Irelands Independence and raised the flag of the Irish Republic, which inspired not only Irish people but also nations across the globe to seek freedom from their colonialist masters. It was the spark that would eventually lead to the dismantling of the British Empire. Although it was a military defeat for the Irish it became a moral victory that turned out to be the birth of a nation.”

The California Dental Association Foundation’s volunteer dental clinic serviced 1,884 people during April 16-17 at Ventura County Fairgrounds

stuff dentistsThe California Dental Association Foundation’s volunteer dental clinic, CDA Cares, provided $1.5 million in charitable dental services to 1,884 people during the April 16-17 event at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  During the two-day event, dentists and dental professionals provided 11,583 dental procedures, including fillings, extractions, cleanings and oral health education. Volunteer technicians in the clinic’s dental lab area worked to provide 188 complete and partial dentures and repairs.



Honoring mother’s by making them beautiful

Aurora Castanon getting her nails done by Bailey Camp,
Aurora Castanon getting her nails done by Bailey Camp,
Pearl Andress getting facial by Lena Terry and Cheryl McDaniel getting a haircut by Diana Ornelas.
Pearl Andress getting facial by Lena Terry and Cheryl McDaniel getting a haircut by Diana Ornelas.

For Mother’s Day several years ago Suz Montgomery and her Activity Director Griselda came up with a novel idea to honor mothers by having students from the Lou Ross Hair Academy do  makeup, nails and hair with appropriate outrageous feather boas to residents at senior living facilities.

This year, on Saturday, May 7  they were made beautiful at Aegis Living located at 4964 Telegraph Rd.

Suz stated “Several never washed off the makeup for days. Their families swooned.

Cheryl McDaniel getting a haircut by Diana Ornelas.
Cheryl McDaniel getting a haircut by Diana Ornelas.

This event is so heartwarmingly touching, I cry every time seeing these special ladies preen , they are mom’s, grandmothers and great grandmothers who once again feel beautifully loved and remembered.”

Vol. 9, No. 16 – May 11 – May 24, 2016 – Opinion/Editorial

SheldonPic•   I don’t usually put a letter to the editor in my column but thought that this was important enough to respond to.

To the Governor

I am amazed at the monthly denial that your editorials have of the crime and homeless situation we have in Ventura. I myself was attacked and suffered a broken shoulder and a concussion in which I am still having complications with tremendous pain. If you would read your own paper the crimes that are committed consistently in this area are out of control. Why do we as a community continue to enable these individuals with stupid programs like needle exchange. Just the other day we called in the police to our complex for a homeless person sleeping in our laundry room and when the police arrived they stated they could not arrest him even though he was on probation and had a needle on him. They stated since he received the needle at the exchange it was legal. Why can’t we demand that our law enforcement force these people out of our community and in places like Fillmore who only have 7 on record. I’m sure in your reply you will still be in denial. Keep your denial in your rhetoric and see as you already do Ventura tourism suffer tremendously. Where is your pride??

James White


Thanks for your comments, and I am sorry to hear that you were attacked, and hurt. I am not at all in denial regarding the homeless situation in Ventura. It is a huge problem for many reasons. Compassion for the homeless is in play, of course, but the negative effect it has on Ventura’s infrastructure/citizens and its impact on tourism are two other reasons.

Your comment, “Why can’t we demand that our law enforcement force these people out of our community” is easily answerable. Unless they are committing a crime the police really can’t do anything about the situation. Being homeless is not actually a crime.

Obviously I have a great pride for Ventura. Why else would I spend 7-days a week publishing a local paper that is marginally profitable?

Our City Council is very aware of the homeless issue and has tried to deal with it but it is a very complex problem that is not easily solved. They are many entities trying to find solutions. There are several non-profits in Ventura who are also assisting the homeless, many of whom are mentally ill.

Let’s keep working on the issue.

PS: I will contact Fillmore and find out if it is okay for our police to round up our homeless and leave them in Fillmore.

•   Circus Vargas is coming soon (see their ad in this issue). We went to a show last year with younger grandkids and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well worth seeing.

•   Good grief what a strange presidential election year this has been and will continue to be. The presumed Republican candidate Donald Trump is, in the words of Max Boot – a senior fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations and a lifelong Republican “there has never been a major party nominee in U.S. history as unqualified for the presidency as Donald Trump.” Who am I to argue with Max?

The Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, based upon her job history and experience, is one of the most qualified presidential candidates ever and she isn’t very well liked or trusted.

And the Republican Party is in complete disarray with internal fighting and disagreement.

Perhaps a third party will emerge from this political chaos.

•   Lamborghini has manufactured a $2 million supercar. I thought that I would take the $10 million cash that I have on hand – because the VC Star wouldn’t sell to me – and buy 5 of them for the family but was disappointed to hear that they only made 40, and they are all already sold. Darn it.

Say it isn’t so, this replaces toys in boxes of Cracker Jack’s.
Say it isn’t so, this replaces toys in boxes of Cracker Jack’s.

•   How upsetting that Cracker Jack no longer contain toys but now includes QR codes (a QR code consists of black modules arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device (such as a camera, phone, scanner, etc.). This QR allows kids to play 4 baseball games.

•   Perhaps the strangest opening and closing of a Ventura business so far goes to Ragsdale Kitchen & Bar which was located on Main where Chicago for Ribs previously was. After a very long time and a huge amount of money remodeling, Ragsdale finally opened up about 6 months ago. Reviews weren’t too good but not awful.

After a few months they closed and a sign on the door read “Closed while we remodel kitchen and bar.” This was nonsense because both were brand new and the remodel, overall, was very well done. They re-opened for a few days then closed permanently. All of the booths have been removed, and I can only speculate that they were never paid for so the installation company removed them. Don’t know if we will ever find out what happened.

•   What a great year 1935 was in Detroit. I was born, the Detroit Tigers won the baseball championship and the Detroit Lions won the football championship. My father must have been thrilled.

•   Two of my favorite statements in TV ads are, “while supplies last’ and “If you call in the next 10 minutes”. I wonder if supplies ever run out, and if someone called after 10 minutes, would they not be able to buy the advertised product?

Vol. 9, No. 16 – May 11 – May 24, 2016 – CAPS Chat

Jim Martinez, Carlos Chapman and Punky Baez share their stories on Ventura Legacies.
Jim Martinez, Carlos Chapman and Punky Baez share their stories on Ventura Legacies.

by Elizabeth Rodeno

Digital Storytelling is one of our greatly anticipated programs. These classes provide the opportunity for kids ages 10 through 15 to learn to tell their story in a week long program.  One of our classes is already sold out with the others filling up. Get your applications in soon. These classes begin the 25th of July and finish up August 5th. It will be great to see the returning students who are always willing to share their experience with the newcomers. The program is so good that adults have asked to participate.

El Camino TV (ECTV) is finishing up their 2015-2016 ECTV year. They are wrapping up a great season of the freshest youth series around. We look forward to next years’ journalists and rumor has it, some of the students will be roaming the halls and studio of CAPS during the Summer.

Ventura Rocks @ CAPS is rolling along. We just filmed our fifth episode featuring Shawn Jones and band.  What fun to have such talent in the studio and see our staff and crew working hard to produce a prime product and to have Pam Baumgardner booking the bands and hosting the show. Go to the CAPS Media websites schedules for dates and times to see the show.

On a different note, the CAPS crew covered the Ventura Chamber hosted Election Forum for the Board of Supervisor’s seat on July 7th. This forum is the first in our intense election programming where we cover and broadcast a variety of election forums held later this year. We are also proud to announce the return of the Video Voter program for Election 2016. Video Voter invites candidates to share their platform with the viewers and answer questions about issues important to us all. CAPS Media’s purpose is to uphold the 1st amendment and offer the citizens the opportunity to share their voices and speak out.

Go to the CAPS Media website and check out our facebook and twitter pages for up to the moment information on what is airing and live streaming. We need your help to fund our radio station to be able to share more bands and their music with you.  CAPS Media a non-profit membership organization that is here to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media. A yearly membership at CAPS is only $25 and includes training, equipment, use of our studio and edit suites. Keep up to date on what’s happening here at CAPS, on the channels and in our community by going to, CAPS-TV Ventura on Facebook and CAPS Media Center on Twitter.

Surf ‘n’ Suds Beer Festival Ventura

Don’t miss the best beer festival in Ventura!

For the second consecutive year the Trek Bikes of Ventura Surf ‘n’ Suds Beer Festival in Ventura is mixing surf and craft beer to bring you the best beer festival in town!

On Saturday, May 21st the Surf ‘n’ Suds Beer Festival in Ventura will take place at San Buenaventura State Beach and have over 50 breweries on site!

Live entertainment by local bands After the Smoke, Crosscut 805 and DJ Hecktik of 103.3 The Vibe will keep the vibe flowing throughout the day. There will also be surfboard shapers on site, select vendors and ocean related non-profit groups like Young and Brave, Save the Mermaids, Surfrider and more!

Craft breweries include; 805, Anacapa, Anchor Steam, Angel City, Ballast Point, Belching Beaver, BJs Brewhouse, Captain Fatty’s, Cayman Jack Margarita, Elysian, Enegren, Figueroa Mountain, Firemans, Firestone, Founders, Golden Road, Goose Island, Green Flash, Institution, Island Brewing Col, JT Schmid’s, Karl Strauss, King Harbor, Knee Deep, Kona, Lagunitas, New Belgium, Palm Breeze, Poseidon, Rincon, Saint Archer, SanTan, Sierra Nevada, SLO Brewing, Surf Brewery, Tap it, Topa Topa, Wolf Creek, Washington Gold Hard Cider, M Special, Lucky Luke, Pocock, 101 Cider House, Five Threads, Red Tandem, Common Cider Co., Coney Island, 911 Wine Co., Lucky Dogg Winery, Bloody Cure and Barrelhouse 101. More are being added as well!

Surf ’n’ Suds Beer Festival was ranked the #8 beer festival in all of the U.S. by in 2015!!!

VIP tickets are $65 and include an hour early entry, as well as special VIP beers from select breweries that will not be available during the General Admission session.

General Admission tickets are $50 and include a souvenir glass and unlimited samples from any of the breweries and wineries on site!

Tickets and information available at This event will sell out!