Vol. 10, No. 25 – Sept 13 – Sept 26, 2017 – Police Reports

by Cindy Summers

Police reports are provided to us by the Ventura Police Department and are not the opinions of the Ventura Breeze. All suspects mentioned are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


On September 3, at approximately 5pm, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from the emergency room staff at Ventura County Medical Center reporting a stabbing victim had just entered the emergency room. Officers arrived and contacted the male victim who was found to be suffering from two non-life threatening stab wounds to his torso.

During the investigation, officers learned the victim was sitting alone in the area of Ventura Avenue and Prospect Street when two passing vehicles abruptly stopped in the roadway. Five male subjects exited the vehicles and began to physically assault the victim without provocation. The victim was stabbed with an unknown type weapon as he tried to defend himself. After the attack, the suspects reentered the vehicles and fled in an unknown direction.

There is no additional information at this time. Anyone who may have witnessed, or has information relating to this crime, is asked to contact the Ventura Police Department at 339-4488

Armed Suicidal Subject

On September 6, at approximately 1pm, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from employees of O’Leary’s Sidebar, 6555 Telephone Rd., reporting that a customer had just left a suicide note inside the bar and was now in the parking lot, armed with a knife. The note indicated that the subject, later identified as a 49-year-old male vagrant, wanted to force officers to shoot him.

Offices arrived on scene and located the subject in the middle of the parking lot. He was still armed with the knife and was uncooperative with officers. Officers set up a perimeter to contain the subject and protect the public that was in the area. The subject became more erratic as officers tried to negotiate with him and at one point claimed he had additional weapons as he reached into a fanny pack attached to his waist.

A less lethal weapon was deployed, which incapacitated the subject to give officers enough time to take him into custody.

After he was medically cleared for minor injuries he sustained during the arrest, the subject was transported to Ventura County Mental Health for an evaluation.

No officers or any citizens were injured as a result of this incident.

As a precaution, Portola Elementary School was placed on temporary lockdown until the incident was resolved.

Crook Trying To Get Favorite Cheeseburger

On September 7, at 1am, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call of an audible alarm with video surveillance at the Carl’s Jr on Thompson Bl.

Offices arrived on scene and located the suspect, 39 year old Oak View resident Jennifer Cardinel, inside eating food from the business. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the suspect forcibly pulled open the locked doors to the business while it was closed. She remained inside the business when the officer’s arrived on scene.

The suspect was taken to Ventura County Jail and booked for felony Commercial Burglary and an outstanding felony arrest warrant for vehicle theft.

Stolen Vehicle Arrest

On September 9, at 12:10pm the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call of a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of The Wharf, at 980 Front St. The caller provided the license plate of the vehicle and a registration check revealed it had been stolen from Ventura earlier in the day.

Officers arrived on scene and found the suspect, Cameron Marrufo, 25, Ventura resident in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Marrufo was ordered out of the vehicle where he was taken into custody without incident. He was transported to the Ventura County Jail and booked for being in possession of a stolen vehicle.

During the last month, Marrufo has been arrested on three different occasions by the Ventura Police Department. He was previously arrested on 08/19/17 for a residential burglary in the 100 block of Brent St. and on 09/07/17 for prowling a residence in the 2000 block of Pierpont Blvd.

Vol. 10, No. 25 – Sept 13 – Sept 26, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


8:12am, received a dispatch to a hazard, gas odor in the marina mobile home park. Officers responded and assisted Ventura fire with the investigation. After a brief search with a gas meter, responders were unable to find a leak.

1:52pm, while on patrol officers monitored a mayday call on VHF 16. Officers responded just outside the breakwall to a de-masted catamaran. The vessel was taken en tow to the launch ramp.

7:38pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue at the Ventura Pier. Officers responded and assisted Ventura fire with 3 persons caught in a rip current.


9:11pm, received a dispatch to a medical at marina mobile home park. Officers responded, assisting Ventura fire/AMR with the patient.


7:30am, received a complaint of transients loitering near the launch ramp restrooms. Officers responded and contacted the group and moved them along.


11:45am, received a report of an emergency near the village carousel. Officers alerted dispatch and responded. The patient, an elderly fall victim received first aid for lacerations from the fall and was released at the scene.

8:55pm, received a dispatch to an ill person at a village restaurant. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire/AMR with a female patient who possibly suffered a stroke. She was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.


6:46am, received a dispatch to a fall victim in the marina mobile home park. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire/AMR with the call.

4:05pm, received dispatch to a brush fire near Surfers Knoll. Officers responded with Ventura Fire and provided access/ride to the fire. The brush fire was extinguished with assistance of multiple fire agencies.


11:20am, received a report of an emergency at Daves Fuel dock. Officers responded and found a male subject who suffered a head laceration while working on his boat that involved an explosion. He refused treatment and was unable to recall what happened. The patient was transported to local hospital by friends for further evaluation. The incident was being investigated.

6:31pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue in the harbor. Officers responded and discovered a partially submerged kayak with two persons in the water. The pair were pulled aboard rescue vessel and the kayak was dewatered. All victims and the kayak were delivered to the “big-beach” dock.


9:15am, received a report of an ongoing sewage spill occurring near VIM C-dock. Officers are investigating the cause.

7:45pm, received report of a boating accident in VWM. The damage was minimal and the two parties were working out the details.

Vol. 10, No. 25 – Sept 13 – Sept 26, 2017 – A View from House Seats

by Shirley Lorraine

Steel Magnolias capture the South at Elite

Robert Harling’s comedy-drama, Steel Magnolias, is now on stage through October 1 at the Elite Theater in Channel Islands. The highly popular play, written by Harling in just ten days, reflects how women bond through many of life’s challenges, providing support, guidance and a touch of sarcasm as their friendships bloom. Taking place in a small town in Louisiana, the setting could be literally anywhere. The Southern touch adds considerably however to the humor and the depth of the characters.

The general story is a personal one for the author, built around the character Shelby, who was modeled after his sister, Susan. Shelby dies of complications from diabetes, as did Susan. It provided catharsis for the author and a treat for audiences everywhere.

The action happens in around 1980 at Truvy’s Hair Salon in a small town where a group of regulars gather on Saturday mornings for styling, gossip and laughter.

The ensemble is solid throughout and meld together nicely. Kim Prendergast plays salon owner Truvy Jones. She is joined by the former town mayors’ widow Clairee Belcher (Peggy Steketee), young bride-to-be Shelby (Olivia Heulitt), who loves everything pink, Shelby’s harried but caring mother M’Lynn (Christine Burke) and curmudgeon-like Ouiser (pronounced Weezer) portrayed by Angela DeCicco. On this morning, Truvy has just hired Annelle (Catie Sayeg) a young, possibly married, newcomer to town as her insecure apprentice.

The audience is introduced to each of the delightful ladies as they enter and banter before their respective appointments. It is Shelby’s wedding day, so of course her hair must be done first. Truvy expertly curls and styles her hair while Annelle washes M’Lynn’s. The others have coffee, chide each other in friendly fashion and gossip just a little as each gets their Saturday “do’s” done.

All the characters are engaging, each one’s personality blossoming more fully as we get to know them. We learn a bit about their backgrounds along the way. We get caught up as one of the insiders in their petty yet friendly, squabbles and their obvious love, concern and encouragement for each other. When one needs support, all the rest pitch in.

The six ladies make a tight ensemble and each is given the spotlight here and there. The most tightly wound character is mom M’Lynn, who understandably unravels towards the end and is comforted by the others.

Bathed in lavender, the salon is comfortable and inviting. The requisite magazines are on the coffee table, hair dryers are at the ready and a plethora of warmth pervades the scenes. The setting invites the audience to become part of the Saturday clique. Anyone who has ever been to a hair salon will enjoy the posters featuring big hair of the 80’s.

At one point when the salon telephone rings, Ouiser states “it’s probably my mind trying to locate my body”. How many times have we all felt like that? The script offers frequent insights familiar to many, adding to the comfortable intimate ambiance. Go to The Salon and enjoy.

Steel Magnolias runs through October 1. Friday & Saturday eves 8 PM, Sunday matinees 2 p.m.

General admission $20. Seniors/Students/Military $17. Reservations are encouraged.

Elite Theatre Company, 2731 Victoria Avenue, Fisherman’s Wharf, Channel Islands Harbor 483-5118 info@elitetheatre.org.

McGrath State Beach campground reopened

McGrath State Beach campground recently reopened after nearly three years of being closed because of flooding. 40 of the old 150 sites were opened. Normally the berm that allows the water to drain to the ocean breaks on its own during the rainy season. During a drought it does not break on its own and it is illegal to manually break it resulting in the flooding.

After the flooding dried out in spring, California State Parks crews and volunteers went to work cleaning the campground. Campsites cost $35 a night and each has a picnic table and a fire pit. No hookups are provide but the restrooms and showers are open.

Photos by Murray Robertson

How Cute is That! Consignment Boutique

How Cute is That! Consignment Boutique had their official Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting on Wednesday, September 6th. Owner, Ellyn Ostrove, many of her friends, Chamber members, family and community supporters joined her for this special occasion.

How Cute is That! offers pre-loved, women’s upscale designer and name brand clothing, accessories and household decor, handpicked and curated by Ellyn herself.

Her mission is to provide the look of a high end Boutique with the feel and comfort of classic Ventura.

Boutique hours are Tues-Sat 11am – 6pm, (closed Sun/Mon) and is located at 2122 East Thompson Blvd. 628-9419 www.howcuteisthatboutique.com

Vol. 10, No. 25 – Sept 13 – Sept 26, 2017 – Events

Events by Ana Baker

Ventura Poinsettia Dance Club meets every Monday from 7:30 – 9:45 p.m. at the Poinsettia Pavilion, 3451 Foothill. Ballroom, swing, Latin, mixers and line dancing. Members $10, non-members $12. Call Rick at 415-8842 for more information.

There will be a regular Ventura Discussion Group meeting at Main Street Restaurant 3159 Main St., Wednesday from 4 – 5:45 p.m. Several people usually stay for a drink and a bite to eat afterward. Bring an interesting topic to discuss if you can.

Ventura’s ACBL Duplicate Bridge Club offers games for all levels of play.  Learn the game, play with your peers, and earn master points while you are having fun.  There is a game every day of the week.  Check out their website at www.vcbridge.org   Life is Better with Bridge.

Country Western Line Dancing every Tuesday 7 – 9 p.m. Instruction every night. Located at the Moose lodge, 10269 Telephone Road. More information at countrylovers.com.

Ventura County Philatelic Society meets the first and third Mondays each month. Do you collect stamps? Come spend the evening with us. We are a fun group. 7:30 p.m. at the Church of the Foothills, 6279 Foothill Rd. Admission and parking free. Contact Bill Garner 320-1601

Mended Hearts of Ventura meet the first Tuesday each month at the Community Memorial Hospital – 8th floor. We have excellent speakers – leading Cardiologists, Nutritionists, Dietitians, etc. from our area. Come share with us if you have had heart surgery or stent implant. Contact: Bill Garner 320-1601

Assistance League of Ventura County creating “A Brighter Tomorrow for Today’s Children” will hold its regular monthly meeting on the third Thursday of each month at the Chapter House, 913 East Santa Clara St. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. meeting begins at 10 a.m., guests and new members welcome.

Find more information at assistanceleagueventuracounty.org or Email alvconline@hotmail.com.

Telephone: Monday thru Friday 8 – 2 p.m. 643-2458

DBSA Ventura County support group for depression and bipolar disorder meets Tuesdays, 6:30-8 p.m. A free weekly peer-led support group meeting at the Encounter Bible Fellowship Church campus, upstairs, Room 426/428, 6950 Ralston St. 633-0736 for recorded information or visit www.DBSAlliance.org.

Sept. 13: The Ventura County Camera Club will hold a meeting on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Poinsettia Pavilion. The first part of the meeting will be an instructional workshop on the techniques of image processing such as using Photoshop or the aesthetics of composition. Followed by the showing of member images. For more information about the club 908-5663 or WWW.VenturaCountyCameraClub.com

Sept. 17: The Ventura and Santa Barbara County chapter of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) will meet Sunday, in the Campus Student Center of Ventura College, 4667 Telegraph Road. The regular meeting starts at noon and at 11 a.m. This month’s program will be presented by chapter members on their ‘Secret’ Tech Tips. $3 admission charge. Lunch is available for $5 more. More information can be found at www.nawcc-ch190.com.

Sept. 18: CA Zeta Chi parliamentarians will meet at 7 p.m. and will feature a lesson by Sally LaMacchia entitled “Motions That Bring a Question Again before the Assembly.” Main Street Restaurant and Steakhouse, 3159 E. Main St. Those wishing to eat should arrive at 6 p.m. Non-members are welcome. For information, contact Sharon Hillbrant 479-6738, or zetachi.webstarts.com.

Sept. 19: The Ventura Retired Men’s Group will be having their meeting at the Elks lodge in Ventura. Enjoy a healthy lunch ($15), a speaker from the Port of Hueneme, raffles, and a couple of pleasant social hours. Call Steve at 642-1359 for details.

Sept. 21: East Ventura Community Council will have a representative of the Ventura Police Department update the Council on crime and safety in the area. The Council represents those who live east of Victoria Avenue. Books in good condition are always accepted by San Buenaventura Friends of the Library. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the First Assembly of God Church, 346 N. Kimball Road.

Sept. 21,29,30: Chabad Services for both days Rosh Hashanah will be held at the Wyndham Garden Pierpont Inn, 550 Sanjon Rd in the Camulos Room. The program is directed in English with Hebrew / English texts. Suggested donations for High Holiday seat reservations are at www.ChabadVentura.com. No one will be turned away. September 21 there will be a community Tashlich ceremony & Shofar blowing at 6 p.m. at Ventura beach, directly across from the hotel.

For more information www.ChabadVentura.com or 895.658.7441.

Sept. 23: Faith Calvary Chapel presents a free Christian music event featuring Paula Kee, David Glass, Michael Patrick Blues and Joe Tourist. 6 p.m. at 405 Jordan Ave. Refreshments will be available.

Sept. 23: The 3rd annual Lucky Duck Race and Plucktacular event benefitting Special Olympics Ventura County will take place at the Lazy River at the Lake Casitas Water Adventure at 10 a.m. to noon. Nearly 3,000 numbered rubber ducks adopted by the public will be tossed into the Lazy River. To adopt a duck and for more information contact Peggi Preston, SOVC Regional Director Ventura County Chapter at 650-7717 Email Ppreston@sosc.org. Tickets are available at www.socc.org/ventura.

Sept. 28: Portuguese Fraternal Society of America. The local chapter of PFSA (Council #128) will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday. This meeting is open to any person of Portuguese descent, or interested in the Portuguese culture. Located at Main Street Restaurant and Steakhouse, 3159 East Main St. 11:30 a.m. for a 12 p.m., no host luncheon / meeting. For more information and reservation, please call Cora Corella at 483-4168.

Vol. 10, No. 25 – Sept 13 – Sept 26, 2017 – Forever Homes Wanted

Hi, I’m Sienna a playful, energetic and friendly 5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier X. I was rescued from Animal Services by Canine Adoption and Rescue League (I’m a lucky dog). I sure am grateful they are giving me a second chance for a loving home.

I know the command ‘sit’ and The Dog Genie (Genie Tuttle) has been doing Nose Work with me too. I’m working on my leash manners. I’m people friendly, but I’d prefer to be the only dog in your home.

I hope you’ll stop by to meet me and give me a chance to show you what a wonderful girl I am.

Canine Adoption and Rescue League C.A.R.L. CARL Adoption Center-call 644-7387 for more information.

Hi: I’m Pappy the quintessential lapdog! Love cuddles and nuzzles! I’ve been around smaller dogs and love treats. When you put your hand out to pet me I gently push your hand up so your hand lands on my nose!!! What a cutie pie! If you’re interested in adopting me please visit the Camarillo Animal Shelter. Kennel #257 and ID# is A668255.

Vol. 10, No. 25 – Sept 13 – Sept 26, 2017 – The Pet Page

• A fund raiser for Ventura Police K9 officers’ medical insurance will be held on October 7, 4 to 8pm at the Harbor Cove Café and on the beach. (1867 Spinnaker way at the end). Vendors, raffles, live music ,food and fun for all including the Sunset Glow family fun run, walk, or crawl 5K on the beach. Be sure to visit the Ventura Breeze booth and get a free tennis ball for your dog (or cat).

• The SPAN Thrift Store is providing $10 spays and neuters for low income cat and dog friends.

In the SPAN Thrift Store parking lot 110 N. Olive St. (behind Vons on Main) Friday, September 15th.

Please call to schedule an appointment 584-3823.

Scamp gave herding a try but the sheep just laughed at him.

• New research attempts to answer the question whether sleeping with your furry friend(2) is a bad idea for a good night’s sleep.

While some argue that the doggy snoring will ruin their sleep, others love nothing more than a nighttime cuddle with their buddy. However, science may now have resolved the matter, with a new study suggesting that sleeping with your pet can actually help you get a good night’s sleep.

More than 40 million American households have dogs, with 63% of them considering man’s best friend to also be one of the family. However, no matter how much we love our dogs, that doesn’t allow automatic access into the bedroom.

With this in mind, researchers at the Mayo Clinic decided to look into the effect of dogs on sleep quality, recruiting 40 healthy adults without a sleep disorder to take part with their pets.

Both the participants and their dogs were asked (the dogs were asked?)to wear activity trackers to track their sleeping habits for seven nights when they slept in the same bedroom.

The team found that regardless of the size of the dog, sleeping with a furry friend “in the room” helped some people sleep better.

However, having a dog “on the bed” didn’t have the same effect, finding that those who let their canines get too cozy did it at the expense of a good night’s sleep.

“The relationship between people and their pets has changed over time, which is likely why many people in fact do sleep with their pets in the bedroom,” stated Dr. Krahn of the Mayo Clinic. “Today, many pet owners are away from their pets for much of the day, so they want to maximize their time with them when they are home. Having them in the bedroom at night is an easy way to do that. And, now, pet owners can find comfort knowing it won’t negatively impact their sleep.”

• Extracted from article by Cesar Millan:

Intelligent and energetic, Border collies are champion herders — but they aren’t for everyone when it comes to ideal dogs.

All modern Border collies originate from one dog, Old Hemp, who was born in 1893 and sired over 200 offspring. The name comes right from their origins: The border part comes from where they were initially bred in Northumberland, on the border of Scotland and England; the collie part comes from the Celtic word colley, meaning useful or faithful.

Herding dogs originated with the Romans, who brought them to the British Isles, but since the original dogs were from Northern Africa, they couldn’t handle the cold as well. Eventually, invading Vikings bred their dogs with the existing crosses between larger Roman and smaller British dogs. By the 16th century, these cross-breedings had led to various herding dogs, such as the rough collie, Shetland sheepdog, and bearded collie.

They are incredibly intelligent and are often listed among the smartest breeds of dog. They can learn to understand a large number of words, as well as hand gestures and whistles. The downside, of course, is that they can become easily bored or frustrated if they don’t receive proper mental stimulation. More than breed groups, herding dogs need jobs in order to feel fulfilled, which is why things like agility or herding training can be so useful for them.

Because of their skills at learning human words for objects quickly, Border collies have been studied by linguists, who have determined that they have communication skills that even our closest primate relatives don’t. The Border collie Chaser is said to have the largest vocabulary of any non-human animal, at a thousand words.

Border collies are famous for the “crouch” and the “stare” — their ability to move while staying low to the ground, and the intense look they will give to the animals they’re herding in order to control them. And if you have a Border collie, you may have found yourself the subject of the stare at some point, particularly if you were eating.

They’re not just for herding. Border collies can also excel at doing search and rescue work, as therapy dogs, and as… “goose masters,” trained to chase away geese, such as used at the University of Northern Florida.

The breed has been popular with royalty and celebrities over the years.