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Tickets on sale for “Pier Under the Stars”

Restaurants, cafes, wineries and breweries serve their signature dishes.

Tickets are now on sale for Pier Under the Stars—the 25th annual benefit for the historic Ventura Pier on Saturday, October 7th, from 5-8pm. Each year more than 600 residents and visitors attend this beachfront culinary fair adjacent to the pier to sample the county’s best food and spirits provided by over 40 area businesses. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Ventura’s premier beverage and food event.

Restaurants, cafes, wineries and breweries serve their signature dishes and beverages from tented booths along the seaside Promenade while guests enjoy live music by The Colette Lovejoy Band & dancing under the stars and an amazing silent auction. It’s a community celebration to honor the City’s 145 year old pier.

The sell-out event hosted by Pier into the Future–-a non-profit organization- “is a much anticipated community gathering of friends that raises funds for our beloved Pier”, said Pier Into the Future Executive Director Jenise Wagar-Hernandez. The organization was founded by a group of dedicated community leaders, in partnership with the City of Ventura, to establish an endowment fund to maintain and enhance the historic Ventura Pier for future generations to enjoy. The organization has contributed over $769,000 to the City of Ventura over the last 25 years to enhance the Pier.

General admission tickets are $75.00 and include food and beverage tasting and a commemorative Pier wine glass. A limited number of VIP tickets are offered at $150.00 each. VIP tickets include all of the benefits associated with General Admission, plus early entrance to the event at 4:30 pm and a reserved seat at a VIP table along the promenade.

Tickets are available on line at or by calling 800.838.3006. Visit for more information.

Two Trees Recovery

Hikers enjoying the view at the hilltop of Two Trees. Many volunteers hike with you at different intervals for safety. The hike is difficult but you can take as much time as you need. It’s a fun way to be involved in our wonderful community, get exercise and have fun!  If you’re interested in hiking up to Two Trees you can sign up for a hike by visiting the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust at or give them a call at (805)814-2503. 

Ventura Shellfish Enterprise site selection

by Oscar Peña, General Manager

On September 12, at 7:00PM the Ventura Port District Board of Port Commissioners will convene in Open Session at the Four Point Sheraton Ballroom, 1050 Schooner Drive, for its Regular Meeting.

One of the items on the agenda of special interest to the public is the Ventura Shellfish Enterprise (VSE) Site Selection Process. The Board of Port Commissioners will receive an Informational Report on the proposed site in federal waters approximately 3.53 miles from shore, northwest of the Ventura Harbor in the Santa Barbara Channel.

District staff and Seth J. Theuerkauf, Ph.D. with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will provide the Board of Port Commissioners with information about two alternatives for site selection in federal waters. This agenda item is on the District’s website for your review at

The public is invited to receive information on the Ventura Shellfish Enterprise site selection process and provide public comment.

The project consists of twenty 100-acre plots (total of 2,000 acres) located in open federal waters of the Santa Barbara Channel northwest of Ventura Harbor. The closest distance from the growing area to the City of Ventura city limit is 4.5 miles and approximately 4 miles from the Ventura Harbor. The sites will be used for growing the Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) via submerged long lines.

VSE Site Selection

The project was initially proposed to be located in waters of the State of California, i.e., within the 3-mile limit. The Ventura Port District, in collaboration with its key participants undertook extensive site selection public outreach that culminated in the decision to instead locate the project in federal waters so as to minimize conflicts with commercial halibut trawlers based in Ventura and Santa Barbara Harbors. NOAA’s National Ocean Service staff undertook a second siting study focused on federal waters proximate to Ventura Harbor.

The siting analysis represents an objective, data-driven approach to identify the locations within federal waters with the highest compatibility with the proposed project. The results of this siting analysis identify two alternative sites proximate to Ventura Harbor given equal consideration of existing use conflicts, including:

Ventura County Watershed Protection District announces community meeting

On Wednesday, Sept. 26, Ventura County Public Works Agency’s Watershed Protection District will hold a community meeting to share the latest developments and anticipated path for the Ventura River Levee (VR-1) Rehabilitation Project.

The Ventura River Levee (VCWPD VR-1, FEMA ID No. 53) consists of bank protection and other improvements intended to provide flood protection for areas along the river such as residential and recreational properties in low-lying areas behind the levee structure within the floodplain of the Ventura River in the City of San Buenaventura in Ventura County.  The VR-1 levee system will ultimately protect 759 homes and structures in Ventura County. The project begins at its downstream end at the Pacific Ocean and extends upstream along the Ventura River to its upstream end downstream of Caňada de San Joaquin. The overall length of the levee is approximately 2.65 miles, with an embankment height up to 10 feet above natural ground on the landward side

Designed by the U.S Army Corp of Engineers in 1949, the VR-1 levee system is now owned and maintained by Ventura County Watershed Protection District. As of 2009, it was determined that the VR-1 levee system does not meet FEMA Levee Certification standards, and requires rehabilitation to repair VR-1 levee deficiencies.

VR-1 requires bank protection and other improvements designed to provide flood protection for approximately 2.65 miles along the Ventura River that will ultimately protect 759 homes and structures in Ventura County.

“The VR-1 community meeting serves to educate the general public of the current rehabilitation project, and offers a platform for our community members to ask questions and provide valuable feedback about project’s direct impact on Ventura County residents,” said Glenn Shephard, Director of Ventura County Watershed Protection District.

Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 6:30 p.m.
Bell Arts Factory-Janet Addison Community Room
432 North Ventura Ave.

Vol. 11, No. 25 – Sept 12 – Sept 25, 2018 – Person to Person

by Jennifer Tipton
What is your favorite park in Ventura?

Ron Root
age 71
retired from Honda Motor Co.
“Probably the Aquatic Water Park on Kimball because it’s really well laid out. It’s large and great for walking the dog, you just have to go when everyone else isn’t there, it gets pretty busy.”


Carmen Rico
age 49
works at Paradise Chevrolet
“Let me see … I live across the street from Huntsinger, that’s not my favorite park but my kids used to like to go there to play football with their friends. I’d probably say Arroyo Verde, it’s more outdoorsy, there’s more nature, when our kids were small, we’d go there all the time. If you put a block of ice on the hill, you can slide down!”

Rob Lambert
age 59
works at Paradise Chevrolet
“Before the fire or after the fire?” (funny guy)
“It’s still Arroyo Verde, I have no choice, I have to go there every day with my girlfriend, she walks up and down the trails and all the way to the top.”
“And what do you do, walk with her?”, I asked.
He chuckled, “No, I just watch … but I must add, they’ve done a great job restoring the park, what they’ve done is pretty nice!”

Pat Halverson
age 73
retired RN
“Marina Park! I love walking by the ocean and they have a wonderful playground too. But what we really need is a fenced dog park in Ventura that’s nice. All we have Camino Real and the area for the small dogs has no grass – it’s all dirt and I have small dogs. My one little guy is a therapy dog for CMH!”
(Pat, we look forward to seeing them on the SCAMP page!)

Emily Bishop
age 34
piano teacher
“The park my boys love is off Bristol and Petit, don’t know if it has a name, it’s really small. It has a gazebo and they like that.” “Love that!”, corrected her son Heath.
Emily continued, “there’s one play structure and a rock-climbing wall, there are other bigger parks, but this is near home and it’s a nice quick play.”
(Could she mean Chumash Park?)

Pat Natzke
age 23
works at Ventura Hardware
“That’s a tough one! I would have to say probably a tie between Camino Real, (it has the dog park and the tree sculpture with the bear climbing up it) and Kellogg Park, the new park on the west end. I lived on the avenue for years and it was always an empty lot with the sign, “Coming Soon” … but they were always developing it and I thought – someday. It’s really cool, they have different exercise equipment, the tables have built in chessboards and the path around it is really a ravine, so that when it rains, it’s like a little stream that goes around the edge!
By the way ladies, Pat is single (he said I could share that).

Friends of the Santa Clara River celebrates 25 years with Silver Streams Gala Celebration

by Candice Meneghin, Friends of the Santa Clara River Board Member

Friends of the Santa Clara was formed in 1993 with the mission of protecting and preserving the biological and cultural resources of the Santa Clara River Watershed, which spans Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. The Friends have promoted all aspects of river health, including public outreach, water quality monitoring, wetland restoration, opposition to floodplain development, and advocating for the protection of several threatened and endangered species that call this watershed home. On Sunday September 16, we will be celebrating the Friends’ 25th Silver Streams Anniversary Gala and Fundraiser at Rancho Camulos in Piru from 3:30-6:30p.m.

Come immerse yourself in the heart of the Santa Clara River Watershed its beauty and its history, with appetizers and sustainably grown eats from our own Santa Clara River valley. Enjoy local wines and beers while perusing the silent auction. Meander beneath the majestic river valley mountain views to live music. We invite our friends – new and old, and watershed community members to come share in our history and learn about our future endeavors. Your support will make possible our ongoing efforts to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of this magnificent river for future generations. Tickets are available at

We will be honoring our founder and outgoing board chair, Ron Bottorff as he hands over the chairmanship to Jim Danza after 25 years of service. We will also be celebrating the work of several watershed Champions that include: Ventura County Supervisor’s Steve Bennett and Linda Parks for their instrumental role as co-authors of the Ventura County Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources initiative, and its recent extension until 2050. SOAR is a series of voter initiatives that require a vote of the people before agricultural land or open space areas can be rezoned for development. Dr. John Puglisi, Superintendent of the Rio School District, for the new Rio Del Sol STEAM school on the banks of the Santa Clara River. The goal of the school is to integrate the STEAM framework into all Common Core subject to engage students in authentic learning experiences. We believe these opportunities foster a stewardship ethos in our community and give rise to the next generation of Friends on the Santa Clara River. Paolo Perrone, Trust for Public Lands, for the acquisition of the 51.4-acre Robin’s Nest property in Acton, CA, in the San Gabriel Mountains and 864 acres of Temescal Ranch, a 6,006 acre site, more than nine square miles of hillside terrain east of Lake Piru, that straddles the Ventura County line to the west and Los Padres National Forest land to the north. Two streams on the Temescal Ranch property drain into Piru Creek and ultimately the Santa Clara River downstream. The protection of these properties will allow for the restoration of land which contains tributaries, creeks, and the Santa Clara River, one of the few remaining free-flowing riparian systems in southern California.

Read our summer newsletter, Watershed News at: More information on Friends of the Santa Clara River can be found at

Ventura Unified School District announces new brand

District develops brand promising rich and varied academic programs.

The Ventura Unified School District has announced its new brand and a district promise to maintain excellent schools and learning environments where all children can explore, grow, and thrive as students in a modern world and be well prepared for the future ahead of them.

“’For the future of every student’ is our promise emphasizing our belief that every child has a brilliant future ahead of them,” said Superintendent David Creswell. “Our role is to help them find it, explore it, and prepare for it in safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments across the district. It also signifies a culture that embraces every child, meeting them where they are at, and promotes their growth academically, social-emotionally, and as citizens of the world.”

At the direction of the board, VUSD hired Zeste, a company with extensive experience working on school district brands, to conduct dozens of deep interviews with VUSD stakeholders about what defines the district.

“It was time for the district to re-examine who we are, what our mission is, and who our customers were. Public education is not the only education option for parents today. We want to be the preferred option, not by default but by choice. Branding is part of getting that message out,” said John Walker, president of VUSD Board of Trustees.

The pillars of the promise of the new brand are:

A safe, healthy, and positive learning environment in every school

Rigorous and relevant academics that challenge each student

Engaging settings that stimulate curiosity and empower students to have a voice in their learning

Real world experiences and connections in and out of the classroom to cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and an appreciation for the world in which we live

Consistent, enthusiastic and unwavering encouragement of each and every child—so they can discover who they want to become and be academically, personally, and socially

“When it comes to delivering an education that prepares students for a future in the world today, a one-size-fits-all approach no longer suffices. Students must be able to think critically, approach problem-solving with agility and creativity, be open to exploration, and adapt to new ideas and pathways they will invariably encounter throughout their lives,” said Creswell.

As part of the brand process, the district developed a new logo, the open wave, that was inspired by VUSD’s connection to the California coast and the possibilities that lie ahead for our students. The ocean, and all that it represents, is a fitting metaphor for the optimism and energy embodied by our people, schools, and district. The logo unifies our schools and programs with a bold, abstract signature that connotes an open, cresting wave. The clean lines that comprise the open wave signify the opportunities students are offered by our district through its variety of programs and schools. The color blue leads our bold and varied color palette since it stands for confidence, wisdom, and intelligence.

“This is so much more than a logo,” said Creswell. “It is a symbol of the new direction we are taking. We are grateful to the board for the freedom to create this direction and now it is up to our administration, our teachers, our staff and our students to live up to the promise.”

Thousands beat the heat at the Annual Ventura County Fair

Fireworks was limited to weekends this year. Some liked it some didn’t.

The Ventura County Fair is proud and happy to report another successful Fair. Celebrating the diverse traditions of Ventura County, the 143rd edition, “A Country Fair with Ocean Air” closed with thousands having come out to enjoy the 12-day event, many returning for the first time since making the Fairgrounds their home during the December Thomas Fire evacuations.

The Ventura County Fair’s mission is to preserve, promote, and showcase agriculture and the traditions of Ventura County, this was accomplished with competitive livestock and horse shows, agricultural exhibits and baking contests.

Fairgoers were greeted with an abundance of attractions, which included Fido 500 Dog Races, Star Child Stilt Circus, who delighted young and old as they strolled high above the Fair, and Gus Flamingo, the hilarious magician in the Youth Expo. Tasty new food offerings like Cajun Catfish and Lobster Mac & Cheese pleased the taste for new summer treats while the mini donuts and turkey legs satisfied the traditional cravings of Fairgoers.

Despite extremely hot and humid weather, attendance was strong at 299,011.  By the virtues of comfort, variety, safety, cleanliness and value the Fair was a success.

“We are always working on ways to make the Fair a better experience for our visitors.” said Fair CEO Barbara Quaid, who once again shared the Fair’s winning formula: “For us the focus is not about the numbers of people coming through the gates, but about the quality of the experience our guests have at the Fair. We measure our success by the number of smiles on the faces of the Fairgoers.  The Fair is committed to offering a clean, safe and fun experience that visitors will remember forever.”

A new carnival layout welcomed thrill seekers lending a sense of rediscovery to the already exciting midway. The Star Tower was a new addition that took riders up 100 feet to swing high above the lights in the ocean air.

Nearly 16,000 County residents entered art, crafts, projects and other curiosities in the competitive exhibits, winning prizes and sharing their talents with Fair visitors.

Free entertainment was one of the features that drew so many to the Fair, not only the top name Concerts including Sublime with Rome, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and Hunter Hayes but local bands were a huge favorite. Crowds came out to enjoy and lend their support for local entertainers including KNS Rockstar, 99 Mondays, Crooked Eye Tommy, Aaron Pax Taylor, Hard Six, The Rockin’ Henrys, Dezmo’s Blues, Revelry Country, Doc Rogers Band, and many others.

As is the case every year, overall success would not be possible without the tremendous support of the sponsors and the community. While the gates have closed on the 2018 Ventura County Fair, planning is already underway for the 2019 Fair.

The Ventura County Fair entertained thousands of guests and participants. It employs up to 700 seasonal staff during the annual 12-day event. With annual attendance of approximately 300,000 visitors to the Fair, the communities throughout Ventura County share in the economic vitality derived from the Ventura County Fair. The Fair brings economic, social, educational, and cultural resources and provides lasting impressions on Fairgoers. While agriculture is the heart of the Fair, it’s the diverse entertainment that typically draws Fairgoers through the gates. Known for free top name concerts, the Fair takes pride in the overall dynamics and diversity of the entertainment, the esthetics and cleanliness of the grounds, as well as the vast educational and innovative exhibits that are showcased throughout the Fair each year.

Reflecting on the Fair Breeze contributing writer Jennifer Tipton stated.

“When I think about our Fair here in Ventura, I can almost feel the crisp ocean breeze and smell the corn dogs and cotton candy wafting alongside the scents of hay and livestock. I love the animals, from the 4h kids proudly showing the pig or lamb they’ve raised themselves and then bravely saying goodbye, to Uncle Leo’s Little Red Barn with those baby pigs! Other favorite attractions are the agriculture and photography buildings, its fun to get landscaping ideas and to see our local artistic talent. And always a challenge is to time it just right, to be on top of the Ferris wheel when the fireworks start – best seat in the house! “

Elections, Education and Art

Councilmember Christy Weir enjoying the CAPS and Ventura Breeze tiles on Michael O’Kelly’s mural.

by Elizabeth Rodeno

Over the next few weeks CAPS Media will work with city officials and election organizations throughout the community to encourage voter participation, provide voter information on ballot initiatives and help explain the district election process for electing City Council members and Ventura Unified School board members.

CAPS will offer candidates the chance to share their campaign platforms with the community via our Video Voter program. CAPS has been producing Video Voter for over 10 years and we continue to fulfill for mission to create an informed and educated community through electronic media

The candidate statements for Ventura City Council and VUSD board will be recorded and broadcast on CAPS Channel 6 and streaming online at CAPS Media continues its coverage of various candidate forums held by the League of Women throughout the city. CAPS Media is also producing informative videos for the County of Ventura on election related issues.  Look for us out in the community in our big white truck with CAPS Media on the side and our enthusiastic volunteers and students bringing all of this to the community. The programs will be found on Channel 6 in the City of Ventura and online at

For details on the City district elections go to the City of Ventura website for comprehensive information at For information on the new school district areas go to Log in to the County of Ventura’s website and go to the County Clerk’s webpage for all the information on how the election process works and to register to vote.

The award winning ECTV program, the collaboration between CAPS Media and El Camino High School, returns for its 3rd year.

Former students have honed their skills with many off to college, pursuing their dreams. Returning and new students are looking forward to exploring new issues, meeting interesting people and using their skills to create thoughtful and engaging video journalism. Last year ECTV featured stories about The Thomas Fires, the Peace Corp, Chicano music, filmmakers and women’s rights to name a few. We can’t wait to see what topics they discuss this year.

CAPS is proud to be part of Michael O’Kelly’s mural beautifully crafted with glazed tile. It’s great to see all the folks, locations, businesses and organizations included in this work of love to the community of Ventura. Planning began in 2015 and it was unveiled earlier this year. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a visit. It’s just outside the mission on Main Street. What a great addition to city of Ventura and big thanks to the city and community members who made it happen.

View our ongoing series Thomas Fire Story projects every Friday at 6pm, get your election information on Channel 6 and get orientation and training class information on Get engaged, share your story on TV or Radio and become a member of CAPS Media Center.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Of Ventura kicks off 2018 Campaign

Paul Hardy, Josh Damigo, and Dr. Ron Atanay  attended the kickoff event and will be at the walk at Harbor Cove Beach.

An open house reception was held at the Four Points Sheraton Ventura on Thursday, August 9th for this year’s Kickoff Celebration “Younited For a Cure”. The evening’s festivities included pink themed appetizers, raffle prizes, socializing, and informational speakers.

Event Chair Brenda Dearborn opened with the event overview, followed by Kickoff Chair Kerri Berntsen with sponsor thank yous going out to the National Presenting Sponsor, Avon, 2018 Presenting Sponsor UCLA Health, the National Survivor Ambassador Zeta Tau Alpha, as well as to our Platinum Sponsors, $2,500 Sponsors, and Media Sponsors. A very special thanks, along with an award of appreciation, was given to Tim and Kathy Mayeda with the U.S. Bowling Congress for 10 years of support in the fight against breast cancer.

Guest speakers included Camilla Conaway with Avon; Becky Fielder, Making Strides Survivor Tent Chair and 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor; and Bill Harris of Thousand Oaks, who spoke of his own battle with breast cancer and breast cancer survivorship.

Matthew Shrope spoke about where the money raised by Making Strides is used within Ventura County. He then introduced one of the highlights of the evening, the Three Pink Musketeers: Dr. Ronald Atanay, DDS, Josh Damigo and Paul Hardy. Dr. Atanay led the audience in a chant of “All for One, and One for All!” They were joined on stage by Dr. Shawn Steen and Oxnard Police Department Sargent Jeff McGreevy. These dedicated men have each committed to wearing the color Pink every day in October and raise $2,500+ for the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

Bernie Glenn and Tammy Bauer spoke of their experiences with the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action NetworkSM (ACS CAN) and the importance of lobbying for critically needed funding for programs and cancer research. Ric Maddox, ACS Community Development Manager, closed out the presentation with information about signing up as a team leader, Social Media, the fundraising app, and event info.

The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K walk will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at Harbor Cove Beach, 1878 Spinnaker Dr. Registration begins at 7:30 am and the walk is at 9:00 am. Sign up your team at and walk with us!