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A true homegrown and handcrafted company

A family business run by Ryan, his wife Davina and his close friends.

by Lyvonne Klinger

The DeCants have built the non-profit, Industry Horror from the ground up with a passion for giving people gifted with special needs a place to feel safe and become independent, contributing members of our society. Industry Horror is a small, grass roots, family business run by Ryan, his wife Davina and his close friends for over 7 years.

A true homegrown and handcrafted company Ryan has found a way to evolve his workspace into an environment where he can design and print his work while training and employing a small staff of only special needs people.

He stated “Our goal is to provide awareness and resources as well as encouragement and confidence for the autistic and special needs community. As we face the challenges of trying to grow our non-profit business into a well-known hub for special needs people to participate in a creative environment while learning to become self-supporting to whatever degree they can be, we are confident that with some help from our community we can make this company a place of hope and fulfillment. “

He went on to say “I find it very easy to be passionate about life, when feeding on its dreams. It’s not so much the hope of mankind that I am worried about, it is the lack of self-reflection and the decline of the pursuit of knowledge. The future is now. And the world is at our finger tips.”

They are located at 518 E Main St, Ventura.

A woman with a mission

Teryn and her dog, Cooper enjoying a day in Ventura.

by Gail Field

She’s worked in countries in the heart of Africa and in rural towns in Latin America and Asia, following her heart and her love of helping others. She goes after her goals with enthusiasm and energy. She is Teryn Bonime, real estate agent extraordinaire. Through her working life in Ventura County, Teryn shares her insights into real estate and helps her clients get the best possible outcome in their quest to buy or sell a home.

“My love of helping others came from my father,” she says. “He is a retired surgeon who travels to impoversished countries in order to perform much needed surgeries on people with cleft palates and other facial deformities. My sister also has her own organization and when I go on these missions, my role involves working with patients and handling non-medical responsibilities. Those experiences helped instill in me a desire to help people in my career, using the knowledge I gained in my own field.

“Now, when I work with clients in real estate, I like to think of myself as a champion for what they really want. I’ve learned to be a fearless and strong negotiator and use those skills to stand up for my clients.”

Teryn has earned professional designations in her field including Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE) and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), among many ohers.

“I believe in delivering the best service while adhering to the highest level of ethical standards,” she says. “My clients benefit, knowing that I am helping them to sell or purchase a home for the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time, with the least inconvenience. That is my promise to my clients.”

Ventura is a long way from Teryn’s missions in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ecuador and Bangladesh, and she smiles to recall her adventures. “My experiences there under challenging conditions make me even more grateful to live and work in beautiful Ventura.”

Teryn can be reached at her office with Keller Williams Realty, 1071 S. Seaward Ave., Ventura. Phone: 665-3474 or at

Boho Chic’s official ribbon cutting

Even though they have been open since May, Ventura Chamber President and CEO Stephanie Caldwell told the young lady to be careful with the scissors at Boho Chic’s official ribbon cutting held on Dec.14. Located at 973 E. Front Street, owner April Michalski-Toth, brings years of creative designing and the love of style and comfort to her boutique. Photo by Michael Gordon.

WEV’s training programs

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur, or expand your existing small business? Afraid to “go it alone,” or unsure how to proceed? WEV’s training programs guide you in taking the next step. Attend a free 1-hour orientation, where you’ll meet a WEV representative that will help you determine if SET, EXPLORE, or another WEV program is right for you!

Cost: free, but registration is required.

In Ventura: January 4, 6-7 pm, January 10, 12-1pm, January 16, 6-7 pm, January 24, 6-7 pm,January 30, 6-7 pm.

Orientation locations are subject to change. For more information, location and to register for an upcoming orientation, visit

Women’s Economic Ventures is dedicated to creating an equitable and just society through the economic empowerment of women. WEV provides training, consulting and loans to help entrepreneurs start, grow and thrive in business. While WEV targets its services toward women, it serves men as well, and provides many services in English and Spanish.

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream official ribbon cutting

Photo by Michael Gordon

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream , located at 607 E. Main St., have held their official ribbon cutting. Attending the ribbon cutting was City Councilmember Matt LaVere with his lovely daughter and Breeze Senior Account Executive Breezy Gledhill.

The new ice cream store which is located in the former Trufflehound’s Fine Chocolates space, allows guests to choose from classic premium custard, low-fat custard or yogurt, as well as lactose free, vegan and sugar free options for their product base.

Wild Birds Unlimited Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting celebration

Photo by Michael Gordon

On November 10th Wild Birds Unlimited held a Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting celebration.

Wild Birds Unlimited feeders are made to fit your needs and those of your birds. They can also help you know where in your yard to put your feeders. Feeders with different seeds or seed blends can be placed throughout the yard at different levels to attract different types of birds.

Owner’s Frank & Cynthia DeMartino welcome you to visit their store.
Located at 4020 E. Main Wild Birds is open daily.


Restaurant review – Boatyard Pub

Customers can eat light or go big with entrees.

by Jennifer Tipton

There’s a new look at the harbor and not just the recent overall renovations. Located at 1583 Spinnaker Drive, Boatyard Pub has made quite a presentation with a menu that ranges from a selection of fresh fish (which one would expect to find when dining in the harbor), assorted tacos and a “Fisherman Rib Eye”.

Owner, Shawn Hall along with his business partner, Bob Burtosh acquired ownership last year and after renovation opened the doors just several months ago. The interior has beautiful stained wooden walls and there are six 55” flat screen TVs! There’s live music except on Sundays during football season when they subscribe to “Live Ticket” so their football loving patrons can watch live football.

Boatyard Pub includes an open kitchen, a beautiful bar, tons of seating and two outdoor patios, both dog friendly. There is a fireplace on the back patio for when the weather gets chilly. Overall, the ambience is quite inviting but the menu even more so…

The menu reads, “Expert navigation ends here” and rightly so because it’s not a straight course to a selection! Appetizers involve temptations such as “Spinnaker Hot Crab Dip” loaded with artichoke, crab, parmesan and served hot and bubbly with Parisian baguettes, along with “Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos”, “Thai Chili Shrimp” (but the shrimp aren’t shrimpy sized), and my favorite, the “Crispy Balsamic Brussel Sprouts” with feta and candied walnuts. Prices range from $8 – $13.

Customers can eat light or go big with entrees, there are tempting salads and several “Deep Sea Fry” selections with fish and chips, shrimp and chips or a “Captain’s Combo that has both. Prices $9 – $26.

Signature Sandwiches” vary from a balsamic veggie wrap made with hummus, quinoa, spinach, sautéed veggies and a balsamic reduction in a spinach wrap (which I shared with a friend one day for lunch and we both loved it!) or a charbroiled pub burger that is %100 angus chuck and the size of a small cow. Despite this, my granddaughter, Hannah (who normally eats like a bird) made history of the whole thing! This burger can be served with bacon, shoestring onions and BBQ sauce which call “Ventucky” style. Prices $13 – $16.

I have been here several times, my all-time favorite is drum roll worthy but not for sissies – “Napalm Tuna” which is fresh ahi tuna, flash bomb stir fried with jalapeno peppers and fire sauce along with sticky rice and a heap of soy ginger slaw.

The menu offers generous portions with something for everybody, mushroom poblano tacos for the vegetarian and a special selection for kids.

Boatyard Pub serves breakfast, lunch & dinner 7 days a week.

Would you like to expand your existing small business?

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur, or expand your existing small business? Afraid to “go it alone,” or unsure how to proceed? WEV’s training programs guide you in taking the next step. Attend a free 1-hour orientation, where you’ll meet a WEV representative that will help you determine if SET, EXPLORE, or another WEV program is right for you!

WEV’s business training classes are offered in English and Spanish throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Free orientations are held throughout the year and are required for enrollment in a training program.

Exact locations given at registration

Free but registration is required. Tuesday, December 5th, 12-1 PM, Ventura

Orientation locations are subject to change. For more information, and to register for an upcoming orientation, visit WEV’s Web site at

Steve Burkharts Smokers and Grills from coach to retailer

“Opening a retail business was not in my retirement plans” 

Photo and article by Richard Lieberman

Steve Burkharts Smokers and Grills is one of Ventura’s newest businesses. Open for business since last August Burkharts journey to retail sales is a long way from where he came. Their products are high end smokers and grills manufactured by Green Mountain Grill Company powered by pellets of varying flavors

Burkhart originally from Chicago is a retired teacher/coach at Moorpark College where he coached men’s and women’s volley ball. After spending 24 years at the college Burkhart retired last May. “Opening a retail business was not in my retirement plans” said Burkhart. While on vacation Burkhart an avid barbecue cook met another with as much an avid interest in barbecue as him. They began to talk, and Burkhart learned about Green Mountain BBQ’s/smokers. He became excited at the possibility of an opportunity to do something far different than his original vocation.

Contacting the Green Mountain Company to see if he could find an opportunity selling their products. One of Green Mountains conditions to becoming a dealer was that he have a retail space to show Green Mountain grills and smokers. Burkhart now needed a retail space to even get started. A longtime friend who owns a catering company in Ventura Scooter Catering offered Burkhart some space at their location 2646 Palma Suite 200 in Ventura. Here is available to the public an opportunity to view and discover Green Mountain grills.

Burkhart has also placed a smoker in the Main Street Market in Ventura where the public can see and taste the difference that these grills/smokers make in cooking meats.

The company has also catered a surfer beach event “where I cooked for 45-50 people” added Burkhart showing off the superior nature of his products.

“It isn’t like I need to do this, I am comfortable in my retirement, but I just love to grill, and these grills changed my thinking what Barbecue is all about” Burkhart added. “I love this so much it is just like a hobby to me” he said.

Burkhart is planning some marketing opportunities in the city. He intends to have space at many of Ventura’s regular events, and is even thinking about space at the fair next year. His first marketing idea was to advertise in the Ventura Breeze. “The Breeze is very interesting to me” said Burkhart.

The Pellets that are used for these unique smokers will be a big part of the business, and he carries four different types of pellets each giving a unique taste to cooked meats.

We at the Breeze welcome this new business to the community. Demonstrations and smoker views are available by appointment and you can give Steve a call at 258-1781.