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Barber RV has a new location

business barber rvAlso in attendance were manufacture representatives.

Barber RV has relocated from Main Street where it had been since it opened in 1978, to the Ventura Auto Center at 6660 Auto Center Drive. Kirby Subaru remians in its current location, 6404 Auto Center drive.

August 1 and  2 were celebration days at the location.  Live music was provided by Nathan McEuen and Friends and fresh tacos and condiments were provided by Juan Mendoza.

On Sunday attendees were treated to the Ventura K 9 Search and Rescue Unit and Carol and her PR Dog.

Also in attendance were manufacture representatives from 7 different companies who answered detailed questions for those interested in purchasing their vehicles.

Jeff Sukay, President of The Kirby Auto Group invited customers, city officials and Ventura Chamber members to attend the 2 day celebration.  Motor homes, trailers, towables, and campers were put on display which amounted to over a one-quarter mile of  traveling toys for all their visitors to enjoy, tour and purchase.

For nearly 50 years, The Kirby Auto Group has been treating customers like family.

Art Alfresco Invitational Exhibition and Art Sale

art museumFine art will be a highlight at this summer’s Art Alfresco Invitational Exhibition and Art Sale, presented by the Museum of Ventura County on Saturday, August 22, from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Stroll through the easels, booths and sculpture of thirty-one of the region’s finest artists, exhibiting and selling their work on the Museum’s Plaza and in the Martin V. & Martha K. Smith Pavilion. General admission is $10 per person, $5 per person for MVC members.

Premiering on the same day is the exhibition “Sitting Pretty: Portrait Photography from the Salon to the Selfie,” which highlights the Museum’s exquisite collection of photographic and painted portraits dating from the 1850s to the present.

The Museum of Ventura County is located at 100 East Main Street in downtown Ventura. For more information go to or call  653-0323.

Dan Long sand art at Ventura County Fair

art longVentura Planning Commission Chair Dan Long has been creating sand art since he was in high school while other kids were playing in it. Now he lives right here by the sand. art long insetDuring the recent County Fair he was demonstrating his unusual art  showing how he creates his wonderful sand art by manipulating and arranging sand of different color in glass bottles. Among his very sophisticated tools are no.2 wood pencils.

Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship award winners

stuff dee dowellThe Ventura Police Officers Association (VPOA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 12th annual Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship. The scholarships are to honor Sergeant Darlon “Dee” Dowell, who was shot and killed on August 7, 1978. Sergeant Dowell is the only officer in Ventura’s history to die in the line of duty.

In selecting scholarship recipients, the VPOA considered academic achievement, school and community service, financial needs, and the following requirements:

Applicants had to submit  a resume of school and community activities, including a copy of transcripts through the most recent semester;

Submit an essay of 1000 words or less on “Service, what it means to me”;

Submit a letter of recommendation from a public servant.

2015 Scholarship Awards winners:

1st Place $5,000.00  Joshua Rance
2nd Place $3,500.00  Alex Brunk
3rd Place $2,000.00  Jordan Schindler
Honorable Mention(s) $500.00  Jonathan Richmond and Aaron Borkovec

The VPOA would like to thank all of the applicants and congratulate the 2015 winners of the Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship!

“Be honest, be safe, and look forward to each day.” –Sgt Dee Dowell

Home of America’s Canine Disaster Search Teams

stuff search dogHeroes, both dogs and fire fighters are training right around the corner.

On July 9, a milestone event at the National Training Center (Home of America’s Canine Disaster Search Teams) was held when the search teams deployed to Nepal were honored.  The world looked on as TEAM USA joined first responders from around the world searching for survivors of the deadly Nepal earthquake.  The Canine Disaster Search Teams who took part in the rescue operations are home now, already back in training for the next deployment.

The Search Dog Foundation (the nonprofit that trained six of these teams) is building a 125 acre National Training Center to give America’s Search Teams the advanced training needed for their most challenging deployments around the world and here at home.  There will be a grand-opening next year.

stuff search dog insetThe Center will be the first facility of its kind in the nation. A place where rescued dogs (yes, rescued dogs) become rescuers and where America’s Search Teams can practice on disaster simulation scenarios under the expert guidance of professional canine trainers. The setting is a beautiful rustic canyon located off of Foothill. The NTC will be a place where rescued dogs will learn to be rescuers and the dogs with their firefighter-handlers will get the advanced training they need for the most challenging deployments. It will be the only training facility in the U.S. dedicated solely to first responders and their canine partners who risk their lives to make sure no one is left behind in the wake of a disaster.

The “Disaster Training Zone” at the Center will include a simulated tornado stricken town, a collapsed freeway, a demolished hotel, huge rubble piles and a train wreck. Some of which are in construction.

The train cars were transported by rail from Fillmore to Santa Paula where they were lifted by cranes onto four trucks to bring the trains to the NTC. They were generously donated by Fillmore&Western Railroad.

They were then trucked from the bottom of the property to further up the canyon. Two cranes on either side of each truck lifted the trains and placed them in their final destination. At one spot on this very winding road the rear of a truck was actually lifted into the air to make the bend. Because the entrance to the facility was too small a neighbor gave the Foundation permission to build a road on an adjacent property to get the trains onto Foundation land.

On July 9th, the Petco Foundation announced a $2,500,000 “Pathway to Completion” Challenge Grant to help the Search Dog Foundation (SDF) build America’s first National Training Center. The 2.5 million donation takes the NTC campaign into its final phase of fundraising to be completed by the end of next year and will allow SDF to open the Training Center on September 24, 2016 during its 20th Anniversary year.  The Petco Foundation Grant is the latest in a succession of generous gifts from SDF’s supporters , both companies and individuals across the nation who have donated a total of $23.5 million in support of the training Center project.

Besides honoring the six SDF trained search teams the Navy reservists, and Seabees  who are helping to build the Center were honored as were the wonderful trainers that teach these dogs to overcome their fears in working in collapsing, burning and unstable buildings. And celebrated the delivery of the full-sized train cars that will be used as search “props.”

The campus is already a busy place. Sixteen search dog candidates (rescues dogs with the maniacal toy drive and extreme athleticism needed for disaster search) are training each day on the 10,000 sq. ft. Rubble Pile and in the expansive Covered Training Arena-learning the agility, direction control, obedience, and search skills they’ll need on deployments. They could be heard barking in the background. About 20% of the dogs are not accepted to the program. Your  nice calm dog that doesn’t tear up the furniture would not be a good candidate.

The Search Dog foundation – National Train Center is located way up 6800 Wheeler Canyon Road in Santa Paula even though it seems to be Ventura.

See our Facebook for many more photos

Vol. 8, No. 22 – August 5 – August 18, 2015 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

7-20 12:24pm, Harbor Patrol officers were dispatched to a traffic collision at the intersection of Schooner and Harbor Blvd.  All of the parties involved were treated at the scene and released.  The entry feature to the launch ramp overflow parking lot was severely damaged in the accident.
7-20 4:32pm, officers received a report of a stingray sting at Surfers Knoll.  They responded and treated the patient with hot water.  The patient believed he was attacked by a shark, but the nature of the injury suggested otherwise. The patient was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for further treatment.
7-22 10:35pm, while on patrol in the truck, officers contacted several different recreational vehicles parked throughout the harbor for violating no camping ordinances.
7-23 5:31pm, officers received a call from an individual complaining of shortness of breath aboard his vessel in Ventura West marina.  Patrol notified fire dispatch and a full response was activated.  After fire and ambulance responded and treated the individual he was transported to local hospital.
7-23 6:50pm, patrol received a report of a disabled vessel at Harbor Cove.  When they arrived on scene, 3 persons were in the water and 4 persons were onboard the disabled vessel.  All persons and the vessel were rescued and released without incident.


9:01pm, patrol was dispatched to a 44 year old female who fell at the Four Points Sheraton lobby.  The patient was unsure what happened but appeared intoxicated.  She was treated for minor injuries then transported to a local hospital.
7-24 7:55am, officers received a report that a local transient was erratically and recklessly driving his van nearly ran over another local transient who was exiting the launch ramp restrooms.  The incident is being investigated.
7-24 5:03pm, patrol received a report from a concerned person that two dogs were in a vehicle at the village, possibly suffering from heat stroke.  Officers responded and ascertained that the vehicle was likely too hot for the dogs.  VC animal control was summoned and they concurred with patrol and the owner of the dogs was issued a stern written warning for the violation.
7-25 7:55am, officers received a report of a disabled vessel at the fuel dock.  The fishing vessel was towed and released to its slip in Ventura Harbor Village.