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Primrose Excursions

Primrose Excursions, along with Premier World Discovery and Mayflower Tours, packed the house for a Travel Prelude Event on January 10th. This event showcased in detail, many upcoming travel destinations such as Italy, Newfoundland, Catalina Island and Zion National Park. If you’re interested in finding out more about these and other travel destinations please contact Bonnie Wiley at Primrose Excursions. 805-535-5170 or

Falling for Red Acrylic on Canvas by Louisa Wallace Jacobs

We are shaking off the winter doldrums with explosions of color and welcoming almost three dozen new or returning members who have joined us in the past few months! You’re invited to come see new artworks at the Buenaventura Gallery, Color Mad! Until January 27.

Artists’ Talk “Rejection: The Path to Acceptance” on Saturday, January 26, 1pm – 3pm.

Instructor Margie November, M.D. is a BAA member and practicing psychiatrist who will give you tips on dealing with the world of competitive art shows. Whether you’re new to exhibiting or a long-established pro, that twinge you get in the pit of your stomach when a piece is not accepted hits all of us. Is there a voice in your head that says, “Why bother” or “I’m just not ready”? Do these feelings present an obstacle to exhibiting your work? Margie will help you deal with these feelings in a positive manner by using her own artwork and experiences with rejection as examples of how you can reach the path to acceptance. BAA Members – $5 Public (Non-Members) – $10

Dr. November’s Psychiatry website; art website is in the works.

432 N. Ventura Ave., #30, in the Bell Arts Factory.

Vol. 12, No. 8 – Jan 16 – Jan 29, 2019 – Forever Homes Wanted

Hi: I’m Skye a beautiful 1 year 4 month old Chow in need of a new home. I arrived pregnant and was able to go to a foster home before I gave birth to 4 puppies. Although I’m a Mom now, I’m still a puppy myself. I love attention but can react negatively if I don’t get enough. My foster Mom thinks with some training and a structured schedule I’ll do great.

My foster Mom had me with four other large dogs at once on multiple occasions (two males and two females) and I did great. I’m playful, affectionate and outgoing, but I am also headstrong and pushy with other dogs, so any dogs that will react negatively to that type of personality is not a good mix for me. It’s unknown how I’d do with cats or children.

I need leash training as I’m a big puller and reactive to dogs passing by on walks. I will test boundaries — will push aside gates and open doors to go exploring. I’m very smart and very eager to learn and please. Teaching me new things should be a breeze.

Stop by to meet me to see for yourself what an awesome family member I would be. Canine Adoption and Rescue League C.A.R.L. CARL Adoption Center-call 644-7387 for more information.

Are you looking for a best friend? Nirvana is your girl, she is an affectionate cuddle bug. Nirvana loves to play fetch, and walks well on leash. She loves to just hang out with her people. She would be best suited for an active family and the only dog in the household. Come and meet Nirvana today and let her lick her way into your heart. Ventura County Animal Services – Simi location – 670 W Los Angles Ave. Nirvana A689950


Heisenberg is sexy and full of surprises

Award-winner Joe Spano to star at the Rubicon.

Rubicon Theatre Company opens the 2019 Season with the quirky romance Heisenberg. Sweet, sexy and full of surprises, the story follows two strangers whose lives intersect in a bustling London train station when free-spirited Georgie, a 40-something American, unexpectedly plants a kiss on the neck of Alex, an older Irish butcher, as he sits on a bench at St Pancras Station.

When she turns up in his shop a few days later, she sets the suspicious man’s world reeling. As Alex is drawn into Georgie’s anarchical world, his conventional life becomes chaotic, uncertain and undeniably richer. Written by Tony-Award winning playwright Simon Stephens (The Curious Incident of the Dog…), Rubicon Theatre Company’s production stars Emmy and LADCC Award-winner Joe Spano as Alex (“NCIS,” RTC’s A Christmas Carol, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) and Ovation-winner Faline England (RTC’s Gulf View Drive, All My Sons) as Georgie. Directed by Indy-Award Winner Katharine Farmer.

Wednesday January 30, 2019 at 7 p.m. ($25-$35)

Thursday January 31 at 7 p.m. ($25-$35)

Friday February 1 at 8 p.m. ($25-$40)

Regular Performance Times and Prices

Wednesdays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. ($25-$55) (Talkbacks follow all Wednesday evening shows except the January 30 preview)

Thursdays at 7 p.m. ($25-$55)

Fridays at 8 p.m. ($25-$55)

Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. ($25-$55)

Sundays at 2 p.m. ($25-$55)

Rubicon Theatre Company

1006 E. Main St. Ventura, CA 93001

Prices above do not include a $4 ticket service fee

Discounts Available for Groups of 10+

Discounts for Seniors 65 and over, Students, Teachers and active Military available

Box Office (for single and group tickets) 805.667.2900.

Dab Art presents PETIT à PETIT, photos by by Lisa Caren

Dab Art is pleased to present PETIT à PETIT, a solo exhibition of abstract photos by Lisa Caren until Feb.28..

While firmly entrenched in the digital age, east coast-based photographer Lisa Caren is the modern day incarnation of the early abstract pioneers. PETIT à PETIT is a recent collection of her high impact abstract photographs. While living in a coastal town Caren began shooting at a local marina capturing the tiny details of the large fishing vessels. Little by little, there was more to be seen and to be photographed.

1793 East Main Street, Ventura

Patricia Cadenas and Patricia Fabysack show “Living Textures” at Fox Fine Jewelry

Patricia Cadenas and Patricia Fabysack will display their artwork in the show “Living Textures” at Fox Fine Jewelry from January 17 – March 10, with an Art Reception on January 19 from 6 – 8 pm.

As a Cuban American having studied in Europe and America, Patricia Cadenas has been able to cultivate a diverse style marked by its versatility.
Specializing in murals, Cadenas has created some incredible works including a building-sized marine world for Toyota Corporation; a wonderful children’s fantasy world for the pediatric intensive care unit at UCLA Medical Center; and a Tuscan scene painted on a ceiling for a cigar room in an estate home. You might have even seen her work in Ventura, as she’s one of the artists who painted one of the many colorful utility boxes around the city.

Patricia Fabysack has been passionate about art since she was a young child. Lacking funds for art supplies, she’d burn sticks and leaves and use the charcoal to draw on the concrete outside. This creative ingenuity led to the artist she is today, now using mixed media and wax to add literal depth to her art.
Fox Fine Jewelry, 560 East Main Street

(805) 652-1800

Do you live in a TMT (Too Much Technology) Zone?

Turn off your cell phone before you get to the dining table.

Sustainability Now News
by Maryann Ridini Spencer (@MaryannRidiniSpencer)

Have you ever been out to dinner and had your friend, family member or partner answer their cell phone and talk for a few minutes, leaving you out of the conversation? Maybe you’ve been involved in a heart-to-heart, and just at the moment you were going to divulge the most important detail, you were told to “hold that thought” while your friend or family member answered their cell phone? Do you often find your partner or friend mysteriously glued to their iPad or computer keyboard much to your chagrin? Without the risk of being too crass, sometimes technology bites. If you’ve ever been in any one of the above situations, you’ve experienced, first hand, the frustration of being upstaged by modern technology, or as my old boss jokingly used to tell his victims, “by a bigger name.”

Connecting with the people in our lives – our friends, family, and our special someone – is vital to our health and wellbeing. Being kind and generous with our undivided attention can go a long way. Connecting on a face-to-face, technology-free, personal basis is paramount. Especially in this fast-paced, stressful era of job downsizing, mergers & acquisitions and where digital technology rules, it can be easy for the ones you love (or for you) to become alienated living in the TMT (Too Much Technology) Zone.

How to live TMT Free

  • Turn off your cell phone before you get to the dining table.
  • Enjoy a Sunday meal with the entire family – create time together to talk and interact minus the electronics.
  • On a date or at a business meeting? Power your phone OFF (or ask the person you’re with to do the same). You can pick up your messages later. You might also select your “alternate” greeting, letting folks know you are in a meeting and will return their call later.
  • Let your weekends or vacation truly be “time off.” Use your email “vacation message” or select your alternate voicemail message to tell clients, friends, and associates you’ll call on Monday when you’re back at the office. If you find that you have to be available to respond, try to designate a specific time of day that won’t interfere with your dedicated activities.

Great Examples of How to Use Technology

  • In the mood to share an expression of love? Go for it. Just don’t text or send images of anything you don’t want to appear on the front page of the Sunday papers (you never know with technology!). LOL.
  • A quick “thank you,” to share an expression of gratitude.
  • A reminder for an important appointment, service, task, or time sensitive task.

Keeping in mind the importance of in-person sharing of essential feelings, thoughts and ideas, talk to those in your life about technology abuse and set up some ground rules. Connecting on a personal level and nurturing your important relationships by being TMT Free, or at least controlling your impulses to reach for your iPhone or tablet, can have extremely pleasing results. Enjoying the warmth of loving, appreciative and attentive arms around you can warm up the day or night and fill the heart more than any text or chat on Facebook or Twitter.

Mika Harmony is Featured Artist at Capriccio Restaurant

Mika Harmony is the Featured Artist at Capriccio Restaurant downtown Ventura with her new exhibit “Garden of the Heart” featuring whimsical and vibrantly colored acrylic paintings on canvas. Themes of feathers, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and hearts are prominent in her new collection. Show is up through February 28th.

Capriccio Restaurant, 298 E. Main Street, downtown Ventura, Open daily at 11:30am.