Ventura Land Trust replaces hawk nest felled during Thomas Fire

VLT rented a crane and lifted Dan into a tree. Photo by Adrienne Stephens

REMEMBERING ~ Ventura Land Trust replaces hawk nest felled during Thomas Fire

Ventura Land Trust (VLT) recently replaced a Red-tailed Hawk nest that was knocked out of a eucalyptus tree after the Thomas Fire. Knowing that Red-tailed Hawks have nested in the same tree for decades, VLT Stewardship staff rented a crane and lifted it into a tree close to the one that had been damaged. The goal was to offer the local hawks a new place to nest before breeding season kicks into full swing.

“Red-tailed Hawks generally mate for life and return year after year to the same nest or area to lay their eggs and raise their young,” said Kate Furlong, VLT Stewardship Director. “VLT is committed to wildlife habitat preservation and the goal of this project is to protect a wild place where the hawks can breed, hunt, and thrive year-round.”

The Ventura Land Trust, a nonprofit land trust operating in the Ventura region since 2003, currently manages 90 acres of permanently protected open space in the Ventura River watershed, and is in the process of purchasing another 2,100 acres of prime hillside property in Ventura. The mission of VLT is to permanently protect the land, water, wildlife, and scenic beauty of the Ventura region for current and future generations.

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