The Rocknockers are coming!

The Stone Foundation, an international organization of stonemasons and stone artists who built the Japanese Castle Ramparts and the International Dry Stone Wall in Grant Park is returning to Ventura for Stonework Symposium 2018. This annual gathering of the Stone Foundation is being organized in collaboration with Art City Studios of Ventura.

The Symposium will consist of presentations as well as demonstrations, the installation of a communal public art project, and what the Rocknockers call their ‘Lithic Olympics’—stonework-related games such as a Wheelbarrow Steeplechase, Lithibolos (bocce with stone balls) and Stone-Stacking contests.  The Presentations, by experts in the fields of stonework and stone art, will take place at the Ventura County Museum. For details about the Presenters and the subjects of their presentations visit

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