A guzzler installed at Botanical Gardens

Hopefully as many quail show up as volunteers did.

On Friday, September 21, the Ventura chapter of the national organization Quail Forever installed a wildlife water source, commonly called a guzzler, at the Ventura Botanical Gardens.

Guzzlers are devices that capture and store rainwater underground so that wildlife has water available throughout the year.  In our dry Southern California climate, water is usually the thing that limits the survival of wildlife.  The guzzler will provide water for all of the wildlife found in the Ventura Botanical Gardens area; helping it to thrive throughout the year.

The installation was done by volunteer members of the chapter.

Ventura Quail Forever is installing the guzzler to improve habitat conditions for wildlife in the area.  This is consistent with its objectives and the mission of Quail Forever nationwide; namely to develop, maintain and conserve wildlife habitat.  The chapter also hopes that the presence of the guzzler at the gardens will raise awareness of its existence and purposes in habitat conservation.

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