Vol. 11, No. 23 – Aug 15 – Aug 28, 2018 – Person to Person

Person to (Little) Person
by Jennifer Tipton

I asked several of our younger Venturans, ages 3–9, “What is your favorite thing at the fair?”

Annabelle Eckert
age 5
“I like the carnival games, especially the Balloon Water Race and I like every ride! My favorite fair food is a hotdog!”



Tom Eckert
age 9
“I like the Tilt-A-Whirl, it doesn’t even make me dizzy, and my second favorite is The Storm, it goes round and round really fast! I like cotton candy and caramel apples with peanuts!”


Henry Kantor
age 9
“My favorite thing to do at the fair is probably go on rides and play carnival games, but if I had one choice, I would probably pick go on rides. My favorite ride would probably be Wacky Worm, it’s also known as The Caterpillar, it’s pretty much a ride that goes up, there’s bumps and you tilt sideways, it goes around 3 times but sometimes they forget to stop it, like happened to me today, I went around 6 times! I also can’t wait to get an Icee!”

Elijah Morales
age 3
“I like to win fish, today I had 5 tries – that’s a lot! I like the roller coaster and my favorite fair food is yogurt.”
I had to ask, “yogurt at the fair?”
Elijah’s mom smiled, “lemonade and corn dogs” and Elijah jumped up in agreement.

Ayleen Morales
age 8
“I like to play games like The Kiddie Summer Boats and ride The Tornado, it’s not scary but do I like scary rides! My favorite fair food is pepperoni pizza!”


Bianca Topliss
age 3
“I like to go on rides, especially the Carousel and the Pirate.” (a play area) “My brother who’s 6 can help me but I can go across the rope bridge all by myself! I also like the chicken nuggets and ice cream.”


Ariella Coady
age 6
“I like everything! I like to be way up high on top of the Ferris wheel and all the games. I mostly like the corn dogs and lemonade!”
Riley Coady
age 4
“I like the dinosaur T Rex when you first come in, it’s huge! It’s not scary cause I like dinosaurs, I watch all the Jurassic movies! I am scared of the Ferris wheel cause it’ll make me dizzy! I like the fish tacos!” (kid after my own heart)

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