Prepare for sticker shock on your water bills

by Venturans for Efficient & Responsible Government (VREG)

The Ventura City Council stated building a pipeline for state water was Ventura Water’s number one priority. We’re pleased with the result. VREG promoted and encouraged state water over Direct Potable Reuse (DPR).

Water is a regional problem. Ventura should be a leader in working with all surrounding water agencies and cities to solve the problem.

Even with the Council’s decision, though, Ventura Water projects will cost Ventura’s 32,000 water customers $538 Million. Spread the costs over ten years, and Ventura Water will charge each customer $140 extra per month. Spread over five years, it will cost customers $280 per month extra. Moreover, those costs don’t include the State Water delivery costs we pay for the water we use.

There’s no way around it. Plan on skyrocketing water costs in the coming years.

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